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    Gaming laptop performance issues


    by ofirv97 ·


    So, I have an MSI gaming laptop that is 1 year old and worked flawlessly until recently. I use it mostly for gaming and I’m experiencing major performance drops. Games that used to run on 90 fps are running on roughly 30 fps now. Instead of playing on almost the highest graphical settings I need to lower it to the lowest settings and still get terrible frame rates.
    I’m really helpless and have no clue on what to do. already tried updating my drivers. anyone has some insight on what could possibly cause this and how to fix it?

    laptop model is: MSI gl62m 7rex that uses GTX 1050ti and intel i7 cpu.

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      Replace the thermal paste

      by architroymail ·

      In reply to Gaming laptop performance issues

      If you are also facing heat issues then this is because of the high temperature of your CPU. I would recommend you to replace the thermal paste on your CPU.

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      Need a suggestion!!

      by ksravani ·

      In reply to Gaming laptop performance issues

      I also have a gaming laptop and it worked very well till 1 and half year. After that, I was not that satisfied with the laptop. I am facing a lot of battery issues. The laptop has to be charged continuously. I even tried changing the battery of the laptop but it did not work. I have given it for service in the store and they repaired it which was good for 4 to 6 days. But again the issue continues. Could someone help me out with this?

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      Optimize Windows and Send to Fan Clean Service

      by usenabdi ·

      In reply to Gaming laptop performance issues

      First of all, Windows 10 has many problem recently after major updates. Background tasks taking Hard Disk utilization up to 100%, therefore go to Privacy Settings and Switch off every background running programs. You may stop windows update temporarily by setting WiFi Connection into metered connection that helps you to free up some bandwidth
      Secondly, sending to fan cleaning and changing thermal compound will help a lot because laptop thermal heatsink accumulates dust overtime and it requires cleaning plus replace thermal compound.(link removed by moderator)

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