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By ravisonigra97 ·
Where can I buy a MS3 mouse by func. I know they are not sold anymore but I would love it if I could find one. I live in New Zealand.

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Have you tried eBay?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Gaming Mouse

I personally would check on eBay where you can normally find a variety of discontinued products. If eBay doesn't have it, run a search on Google to see if there are other places that sell used computer accessories.

Good Luck on your search!

- Tam mug
Community Manager, TechRepublic/ZDNet

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try amazon?

by lovetillman Spammer In reply to Gaming Mouse

sometimes they released little edition for buyer request

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Try on Amazon or Newegg

by gregoryprice1652 In reply to Gaming Mouse

I have been searching for this mouse from last year and finally find it on Amazon. You can also give a look.

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