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Gaming on linux.. anyone???

By xygnal ·
I've been a windows user for years now. i have also tried and used linux for a year now. i love computer games especially those released on M$ under the DirectX platform. i really like linux but the downside is it lacks support for games such as those realeased under MS. im not sure if im informed enough on this matter. i was wondering if there a directx type of software for linux. one that could accelerate games for the platform.

is there anyone willing to share their ideas on this???

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well, lets see

by Jaqui In reply to Gaming on linux.. anyone? ...

cedega runs ms games in linux.
opengl has the acceleration for graphics in it, and it works in linux, mesagl is another opengl implementation for linux.

I bet if you search on sourceforge you will find a project to create a clone of directx for linux.

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by andy In reply to well, lets see

Have you tried the PCLinuxOS Super Gamer DVD, its a live (or installable) DVD that runs Linux and has a bunch of games on it.

Give it a try and see how you go

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Gaming on linux

by rick.myers In reply to Gaming on linux.. anyone? ...

The best option that i have found so far is "Cedega" from Not all games are supported but it is worth a shot. The only real draw back is the 5$ a month fee. There are a some other option like 'wine'

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by jmgarvin In reply to Gaming on linux.. anyone? ...

It has a pretty good library of games it can play ( and is pretty easy to setup.

Check out

For how to setup both Cedega and WoW to play in Linux.

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thanks guys

by xygnal In reply to Cedega

i'm gonna try out this cedega software. i'd lke to make wine alast resort since it's emulated. Thanks alot guys :)

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Wine is not an emulator ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to thanks guys

No really...That's what it stands for.

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oh my bad

by xygnal In reply to Wine is not an emulator ; ...

gee thanks for the correction, i never really took the liberty of trying out wine(it sat there on my linux box for the longest of time) and learn all about it. im thanking you for that and the rest of lovely internet for giving me the info about it

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Linux games

by canadianBill In reply to oh my bad

I think it's also a question of waiting for the market to mature a bit. Linux is being used more and more but it might take a while until games are written specifically with Linux in mind, as opposed to ported from Windows. Still, there are tons of Linux high quality games out there.

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here: linux Games

by Jaqui In reply to Linux games
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Cedega and Wine

by apotheon In reply to oh my bad

Cedega is actually basically a set of libraries that runs on top of Wine, providing additional compatibility and a more friendly interface for installing and running games. Wine itself is not an emulator (as jmgarvin pointed out, it stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator): it is simply a set of libraries, similar to a set of libraries on Windows machines, that are required for running a lot of Windows-targeted software.

I'm actually considering using Cedega myself in the near future. I've been talked into playing City of Heroes again (I played it for a little while a few years ago, back when it was new), and while it's currently getting installed on someone else's Windows machine, I'll be repurposing a relatively high-performance system so that it will be a workstation and game machine rather than a server. I intend to get CoH running on that box shortly.

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