gap filling apps?

By jmfullsail ·
Hello, I work for a financial services company and I feel that we recreate the wheel with each application we build. What I'm referring to, more specifically, are fairly involved excel spreadsheets, however, they're noncompetitive and non-core to our firms overall strategic initiatives. We also know for certain that other firms are building similar apps. Our latest need happens to be around traditional buy-side portfolio performance and measurement. Rather than trying to find a perfect match for this one need, I'll keep this post brief as I'm ultimately curious if others care to contribute to a portal that will be managed and secure. I'd like to build a repository of applications, and I'd like to make all applications available to those who've submitted to the portal. Please let me know if this is of interest to anyone. If so, I can further elaborate, but let me end by mentioning that while our initial need is around financial services, I'd love to hear if there's interest in this model from other industries.


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Open Source, or just free for using? Both?

by seanferd In reply to gap filling apps?

It may make a difference to some folks. You may be able to use an existing repository/site/service for this project, depending on how exactly it should be constructed to meet security and/or participant needs.

You are right about re-inventing the wheel - code reuse is a common topic.

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Open source and free

by jmfullsail In reply to gap filling apps?

Something needs to financially support of the portal, so my initial thought is that there would be a fee to those who don't contribute an app. In other words, you need to submit an app (to help build the 'library') to get an app, and if you don't submit an app then you would need to purchase an app. App exchanges are obviously nothing new, but having one for a myriad of apps that would otherwise take, say, 5-40+ hours to build would be incredibly helpful. Sure, to start with the portal isn't going to solve 100% of a specific need but as the exchange grew and matured it's likely that the value of the apps would greatly increase. So to answer your question, I envision the site to be open source and free to contributors.

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