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Garbage in Garbage out National databases

By CG IT ·
In this day and age where Information Technology touts global information resources and databases, no one talks about the garbage in garbage out problem.

Case in point the Zombie kids of Minneapolis MN, where the police willfully put in erroneous and false information into the database just to screw with some kids.

see this article:


and then there's the case of the dead woman Judy Rivers, who really isn't dead, but because of a clerical error at Chex Systems,not Social Security, her Social Security number is flagged as having a problem. She has been denied credit, access to her money because of a national database that doesn't check the information, rather allows garbage in which results in garbage out.


Given that everyone is human, public officials like police can "put garbage in" about you, which results in "garbage out" to anyone and everyone that shares the database. Worse of all, police agencies/banks/government agencies all rely upon those databases for factual information, information dependent upon those who imput it who either willfully or unknowingly put the "Garbage in" that results in Garbage out".

Pretty soon, everyone will have to walk around with a video recorder taped to their forehead just to not become a victim of "garbage in/garbage out".

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Garbage in Garbage out Na ...

We need a grand high inquisitor, one who can go to the home of a person who defiled the db, waterboard them for quite some time to ascertain if they did it on purpose, and then drag them by their ears to the nearest town hall to be chained to a block for public scorn.

Nothing less will do.

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