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Gartner: Old Geezers can't handle IT

By Dr Dij ·
Oct 9th article in Computerworld outlines Gartner's attitude to old people in IT: we don't know s**t about IT and apparently we need twenty-something whippersnappers to tell us about new technologies, while we drive our old fuddy 'sedans' and see to our 'mid life crises' or our companies will go belly up.

Wow! I'm sure those whippersnappers will be doing us all a favor by replacing our mainframes with a trillion records with windows systems where individual files have a 2 gig size limit. Who cares about SSN records or the corporate data store when you can IM each other all day?

Seems they have 'culture' which will save us all! Balding baby-hating Jean Luc needs to be replaced with alien-womanizing Captn Kirk (or the 20 year old equivalent :)

With twenty seconds left, I guess we all WILL die.

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I knew I was too old for IT

by Too Old For IT In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

I knew I was too old for IT back in the 90's when I was 40-something, and kept getting bypassed for IT gigs by 20-something hot shots with spikey hair and an all-black wardrobe.

Should have gone on to law school then, so I could have laughed in thier face when the dot-com era ended and t hey were looking for someone to sue instead of in the mirror.

Or a coffee shop, I dunno which aoule have been more fun.

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Spikey hair and all black wardrobe? Sound like the nuts from Columbine

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I knew I was too old for ...

who shot up the school and then killed themselves

if I was the hiring manager, I would think twice about hiring anyone with spikey hair and a black suit

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by dawgit In reply to Spikey hair and all black ...

every where. Diamler is starting to look like a convention center for 'freeky undertakers'

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Wow!! Get a Life

by watchfires In reply to They're...

Well the kids at Columbine definately do not have anything to do with Kids with "spikey hair." This is probably coming from 60's gen, who, with the exception of those brave enough (the Vietnam Vets), dodged the draft and ended up parenting the Columbine gen. So if we are going to look at this gen today, we have to look at all of those with "Spikey hair" like myself who did not dodge the draft and decided to fight when my country needed me. Yes my parents rebelled in the 60's but they had to answer to the greatest generation of men alive, the WWII vets. If you graduated from high school at a time where the war was going on and you did not have the balls to fight for your country then YOU ARE THE REASON we have the Columbine generation, because those types of kids where raised by parents who lacked the testicular fortitude to parent there kids the right way, instead you were to busy trying to be cool parents. So next time you see a spikey hair kid remember that kid probably did more than i ever did for my own freedom.

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? how is that now?

by dawgit In reply to Wow!! Get a Life

You definatly got me confused.

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Specious bull***

by deepsand In reply to Wow!! Get a Life

I'm assuming that you think there's a logical argument somewhere in that rant; but, I'll be damned if I can find it.

For the sake of all here gathered, please explain how it is that the sins of the children are owing to the political beliefs of a certain sub-set of elders only.

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Re: Wow!! Get a Life

by Grolan In reply to Wow!! Get a Life

"If you graduated from high school at a time where the war was going on and you did not have the balls to fight for your country then YOU ARE THE REASON we have the Columbine generation'

So I guess you're talking about Bush, Cheney & co., who used their connections to duck service - and then went on to launch a war of aggression against a toothless country that was no threat to us, and have been busy sending other people's sons and daughters into the meat grinder without adequate armor or the most basic equipment? Yeah, you're right, they are complete @-holes, aren't they?

But that doesn't have anything to do with me or anyone else I know who came of age in the 60's/70's, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with IT, so shut yer yap.

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For a Student, with a empty Profile, you're quite good at ...

by deepsand In reply to Wow!! Get a Life

pissing people off the very 1st time that you open your mouth.

Is that a product of your vast worldly experiences?

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Sandy you should know better!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to For a [b]Student[/b], wit ...

By replying to it's postings you are only encouraging it to continue to post and continue to Piss People Off!

Both of us already know that there is nothing that you can teach a student as they already know it all and they are only attending whatever school it is to Humor the Teaching Staff as these poor people need the job that they have and require students to justify their positions.

The entire posting was at best childish and shows a need to gain some Life Experience.


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I stand ready, willing & able to provide said Life Experience.

by deepsand In reply to Sandy you should know bet ...

Though I doubt that he's got the balls to re-present himself, I would gleefully welcome the opportunity to give him the spanking that he so badly needs.

With Penn State's football team struggling this season, he will do quite nicely as the punching bag that I sorely need.

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