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    Gartner reports


    by boppi1 ·

    I am a helpdesk technician. Our organization has 1900 users and only 2 helpdesk staff. I am trying to convince my CIO and the director that we need at least 4 helpdesk staff to support 1900 users.

    Does any one have recent Gartner reports ? I know it cost almost 1k , which I don?t have. But I would appreciate if any one have any recent Gartner reports. my email address is

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      by boppi1 ·

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      Gartner just tell management what they want to hear

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      So you’ll proably end up with none when they recommend outsourcing.

      Personaally I’d just collect some stats.
      Number of calls per day, completed in time x.
      Customer satisfaction index.
      The big one one is how much lost business time because the apparent staff shortage. Your biggest allies are your customers at that point. Given theeir maanagerss aren’t happy about their peeople sat on their thumbs waiting for you….

      Two for 1900, what about training, holiday cover, sickness etc..

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