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Gateway 310SE bios setting change

By jb4479 ·
Does anyone know how to change the FSB on a Gateway 310SE? There does not appear to be a setting for it in the bios, and tech support as usual is useless, if it's not in their script they don't know how to do it. I'm not trying to overclock. The FSB is set at 266, however the system has PC2700 (DDR333) memory installed, and it came that way from the factory. Just curious if there is any way to change it, or if not why they would use DDR333 if the mobo could not be set for that speed? I raelize that it is backwards compatible but find it starnge that they would do this.

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by wcp In reply to Gateway 310SE bios settin ...

One of the downfalls of the brand computers is very proprietary and there is not much change you can make, in BIOS for example.

My advice to you is to keep the current settings in BIOS. It appears that the right RAM should have been DDR266. But somehow, if you could change the FSB of the MB to 333 (or 166) your computer may not boot! In other words, one does not set the MB FSB to the speed of RAM but to that of CPU (external clock speed).

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by jb4479 In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Gateway 310SE bios settin ...

WCP is correct. Bus speed is processor limited.

I would surmise that Gateway purchased one speed of RAM (PC2700) to reduce inventory items and used it in all their 266MHz and 333MHz systems since it is compatible and costs the same.


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by jb4479 In reply to

Yep, that's what they did.

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by trockii In reply to Gateway 310SE bios settin ...

I know when I build my computers on the motherboard there's a jumper I can set to short or open 2 pins. Short them together it runs at 400FSB, open them and it runs at 266/333FSB. See if you can find out the motherboard manufacturer and model. Go to their website and get the motherboard manual. Inside it will tell you all the jumper settings and such. Good luck.

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by jb4479 In reply to

Thanks, found the mobo manual, the board only supports 200/266. There are no physical jumpers on the board, it's all soft jumpers and the idiots at Gateway decided to disable most of them. Well I'll recommend to my custmers never to buy from them.

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by jb4479 In reply to Gateway 310SE bios settin ...

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