Gateway 505gr Not powering up

By eroberts ·
I am working on a Gateway 505gr and the LED power light next to the 24 pin mobo connecter is on, but the machine will not boot up ( no fans, no hard drives, not even the fan in the PSU). I have jump the PSU using a piece of wire connected to the #16 green pin and a ground and the PSU fan would start (at this point i tested all pins to make sure they were producing the correct voltage using a multimeter and they were). Could this be a bad power switch or a bad motherboard?

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Similar problem

by bischom In reply to Gateway 505gr Not powerin ...

My Gateway 505GR simply stopped running one day. The on button light stayed on but everything else went off. Operned her up. Followed the twisted wire from the switch to the motherboard. Re-seated the wire, and the power supply came back on and the computer booted up. The hard drive light came back on. Ran for an hour or so and then stopped again. Hard drive light stayed on but button light went off along with everything else. Internet indications are it is motherboard. Have found a couple of places that sell 505GR motherboards.

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Well it's probably related to the PS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gateway 505gr Not powerin ...

These Gateway units use Cheap PS which are expected to fail. Instead of stopping any Power Spikes they pass them through the PS onto the M'Board and damage the M'Board by Degrading the Electronic Components on it.

So here I would say replace the PS with a Name Brand like Antec and if the unit still fails to work you need to replace the M'Board as well.

OH and that test of the PS isn't very accurate as it doesn't allow you to measure the current that is actually available on the different Power Rails. It's no good having the stated 1.3, 5 or 12 V DC if they are only coming through at 1 Milliamp as when a load is applied the Voltage disappears.


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