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Gateway Bios Reset

By roger ·
I have a Gateway GT5082 desktop. It came with XP but upgraded to Vista months ago (worked fine). I cannot get the recovery Disk to reload after a HD crash because I updated the bios (I think) for it to accept vista and I have to get back up through the recovery disk route. Suggestions?

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Go into BIOS and change the Boot Order

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gateway Bios Reset

To First Boot Device as Optical Drive that is CD or DVD Drive and the second Boot Device as HDD.

The system will now boot off the Recovery Disc and you will be able to install the OS.

Just for your information in future if you ask things like this as a question you will get auto generated notifications every time that some one answers your question. Posting as a Discussion will only notify you as often as you accept Alerts from TR and that default setting is once a day so there can be a long time delay between asking a question and knowing that you have a possible solution.


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Been there, done that

by roger In reply to Go into BIOS and change t ...

I've set that up for it to boot to recovery disk and it transfers data to the HD (at least the HD light is lit or blinking). Then anywhere from 2 min into the process all the way up to 17 or 18 min it just stops (freezes). I suspect it's not seeing the computer it's specs call for because I have upgraded the bios (at least that's my working theory now). It just will not allow the recovery process to proceed.

Gateway really disappointed me, the year warranty is out and support goes away. HP seems to talk to you forever if you call them.

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OK then a couple of things to check out

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Been there, done that

The first is look at the old HDD and see what it's power requirements where. While not common now it is possible that the replacement drive that has been fitted is drawing too much power and causing the system to fall over.

It may also be the M'Board is not accessing the HDD correctly so the system thinks that the HDD is faulty so run a test with the Ultimate Boot CD available free from here

Make that into a CD and boot off it and test everything. While it confirms if the Hardware is OK it also will check to see if the OS is causing the problem. If it works without problems running on the UB CD you are having an issue with Windows not accessing the hardware correctly. Of course if it falls over running under the UB CD you have a Hardware problem that you needs tracking down.

If you have added any RAM that could be it with different RAM acting differently you could be experiencing a Timing Issue between the different RAM Sticks.

Without knowing more it's very hard to suggest anything more but post back if you continue to experience problems.


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The BIOS might not be the problem

by nepenthe0 In reply to Gateway Bios Reset

Before installing Vista Home Premium on my Sony running XP MCE, I visited the Sony website and downloaded an upgraded BIOS posted for OS migration.

After two weeks of frustration and disappointment with Vista, I reinstalled XP MCE. Fortunately for me, this went fine. Subsequently, I contacted Intel regarding the BIOS upgrade, and was informed that the BIOS was backward compatible with XP MCE, that it was unnecessary to reinstall the original BIOS.

I pass this on for what it's worth. Before you incur unnecessary additional aggravation, consider a possible HD failure and run appropriate diagnostics from a CD. Some of the more experienced TR experts recommend the Spotmau C

Seagate posts free HD diagnostic software:

HDs do croak, often well before the inflated published MTTF.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I think you have hit upon it

by roger In reply to The BIOS might not be the ...

I upgraded fairly early to Vista and my bios was probably not backwards compatable. I'm betting if I could put on the latest bios that would work to but I don't think I can do that until I have it running again.

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Or another possibility is to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I think you have hit upon ...

Fit a new BIOS Chip. BIOSman in the US sells these with whatever version of BIOS you want.

While I don't do this for desktops I do use their service for Servers as it's much faster to swap a BIOS Chip out than to flash the BIOS with the associated risks particularly if something goes wrong in the flash. But costs relating to servers is measured in the amount of Down Time.

They can be contacted through here if you are interested.

I've had very good service from them every time that I've used them over the years.


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You can probably retrieve the original BIOS

by nepenthe0 In reply to Gateway Bios Reset

Roger -

You can probably retrieve the original BIOS if necessary. Determine the motherboard model number from System Information, or download SIW (free utility):

which will give you the motherboard manufacturer, build, and BIOS version. Check online with the manufacturer, locate the BIOS version, and if it's posted, download it. If not, speak to a customer relations rep and inquire whether you need to reinstall the original BIOS.

I suspect that you do not need to reinstall the original BIOS. Run the Seagate hard drive diagnostics:

before reinstalling the original BIOS. If you find that the hard drive is misbehaving, the solution is HD replacement. This is a simple do-it-yourself procedure, probably pictorially represented in your user manual.

I have found good deals on HDs at

Post back if I can be of further assistance.

Rick/Portland, OR

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