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Well, my friend just recently told me of a problem he is having with his gateway computer. It starts to boot, but several seconds after you get the boot choices (F2, F10) the screen goes completely black, but everything is still working.

The computer has the entire hardware system built in to the monitor (like a portable pc type), and it is about 8-9 years old. I tried switching out the HD (which is all I can do unless I take apart the screen as well), but nothing changed at all, which must mean it is either a hardware driven problem, or something to do with the motherboard bios/cmos. I tried booting from a disk, but like I said, it goes black before ANYTHING has a chance to load, and it stays black. The boot disks and hard drives have power and run, just no images appear.

I think it may be just the monitor itself, but then why would it still display the boot options if the monitor was completely bad?

And I tried going to the boot menu with F2 and F10, but the screen goes black before those even have the ability to load.

Sorry for making this a lengthy question, but I will end it here.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys may offer.

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