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By lcw ·
I have 2 connection,1 dedicated connection to my branch office using a T1 line and another connection to the internet thru my broadband.It mean I have 2 gateway.How should the configuration in my workstations for the connection to internet and also my branch office.

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by engineer3d In reply to gateway connection

You should modify the routing table in the broadband router so your internet access is directed to the IP address and DNS servers of your local ISP. Then you need to setup Seperate IP address ranges for the Internet and one for the LAN.

It may also be easier adding another NIC card, and then setting up the same seperate accounts as before. But adding a personal local firewall to the T1 to ensure no cross hacks occur.

I do not know the exact specs of your system but this should work with ease in the Broadband Routers Tables.

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by Kozmo In reply to gateway connection

Lets say your internet gateway is and the branch office gateway is Well the workstations in the office with the internet gateway should have their gateway set in the ip properties to The workstations in the branch office should have their gateway set to the branch gateway of If this does not work than you have not configured your branch routers/gateways properly to point to the internet gateway as its gateway.

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by jmmiller In reply to gateway connection

I'm going to assume that your dedicated T1 line is only for communication between main and branch offices and that you need this dedicated switched connection for file transers. If you don't need the bandwidth, consider using a VPN and remote access server to connect the branch to the main office, using L2TP/IPSec. These savings alone should pay for a broadband connection for both sites. The next question is where is your web server? Do you have an intranet that you need to share with your company or are just providing Internet connectivity for everyone?

If you are trying to provide a gateway for your branch through the T1 line, then just give them connectivty with "one gateway" to your broadband connection. You should have plenty of bandwith. You can optimize this by providing a webserver that will cache and manage this traffic for everyone at the main and branch offices, while maintaing a more secure environment. Hope this helps. :)

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by lcw In reply to gateway connection

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