Gateway desktop turns on but power light not on & no signal to monitor.

By salbee3504 ·
My Gateway GT5458E desktop will turn on, but the power light doesn't come on (should be blue) & there is no signal to the monitor. The computer powers up, can hear sounds (fan, etc), keyboard lights up, can see light from dvd player, but nothing on monitor & no power light. It did this before but finally came back on after waiting a while to try again, but not this time. Have also tried a different monitor.

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sounds like

by PurpleSkys In reply to Gateway desktop turns on ...

bad monitor to me...try hooking it up to a different monitor first...if that doesn't work, let us know..

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Reponse To Answer

by salbee3504 In reply to sounds like

I did try that, should have mentioned it. The power light on the cpu doesn't come on, but I can hear it running.

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Fan spinning

by Nunob In reply to Gateway desktop turns on ...

You likely are hearing just the fans. Does the computer POST? If when you boot up it doesn't beep once then you are not making it to POST which is Power On Self Test. At that point I would start by removing devices one at a time and trying to boot in between until it either POSTs or it beeps lots of times which can provide more information as to the problem such as bad RAM or bad video card. Also you could test the PSU to ensure it is functioning properly and within specs.

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Reponse To Answer

by salbee3504 In reply to Fan spinning

Just tried starting it again & this time it came on, haven't done anything to it yet. I didn't hear a beep at all even though it started up & displayed on monitor. What could be causing it to start sometimes & not others?

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I concur

by doug m. In reply to Gateway desktop turns on ...

I'll second what Nunob said. Open it up and check things out. Could be the PSU. Do you see HD activity LED working?

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