Gateway GM5084 Bios Problems

By WeaponsTheyFear ·
I am having serious problems with my Gateway GM5084 Desktop, and I believe its the bios.

My computer suffered "little sister syndrome", she got on PC, and it became ill with nasty little viruses. It sat for awhile and I decided to try and fix it.

I tried to start it about two weeks ago, wouldn't start. I removed the battery, still no luck. Finally, I removed my expensive HD video card, and it worked.

I formatted, installed XP and it restarted. It gave me errors messages, had problems booting, and so many more headaches. I tried this about 6 times.

Finally, I said screw Windows and stuck my Ubuntu 9.04 disc in. It installed and boots fine. Now however, if I try to access my wireless card, it freezes the computer.

I just had this same copy of Ubuntu on my other PC with the same exact wireless card and no problems what so ever.

A tech said I had some virus that spread all over and prob. into the CMOS, but Gateway is trying to charge me $60 to tell me how to fix this problem ( see if I buy another Gateway again you a$$holes ). They replied to my support three times with the same message, which lead me to believe they made me wait about an hour each time and a bot simply made the reply.

I couldnt find anything on my Bios, and it's pissing me off. So, I am hoping one of you nice people can help me out, in return, I will thank you. I know, it's very cheap of me.

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It would help to know what viruses ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Gateway GM5084 Bios Probl ...

Since you didn't describe HOW you attacked these viruses, I can only assume you didn't do anything about them at all.

If you only formatted the hard drive with the XP install disc, there is every likelihood that the virus still exists on the hard drive.

You should download and burn to disc 'Darik's Boot&Nuke'

You boot into B&N and let it wipe all trace of a previous life from your hard drive THEN try installing XP on to it.

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by WeaponsTheyFear In reply to It would help to know wha ...

Thanks, I will give that a try. I don't know what virus' were on there. The computer originally was my dads and he took it to a tech who said he was able to remove the virus', but afterwards he couldn't get the computer to boot.

It's odd now, because I have Ubuntu up and running on the computer, and it seems to be doing fine. It still however will not boot with the graphics card in. The tech said the virus had spread to the card ( didn't realize that was possible ). It appears as if the fan on the card had started to melt and burn a bit.

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Sounds like

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks

the HD video card overheated and burned out.
You may need to install a linux driver for the wireless.

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I lost my bios and could use the .bin file

by 103wgold In reply to Gateway GM5084 Bios Probl ...

I have the same computer, the GM5084. I went to the Gateway Website and thought I found a update and tried it...did not I need the original bios file for my GM5084 ....

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