gateway gt5028

By henrydover ·
I shutdown my gateway gt5028 one night, the next morning turned on the machine and all i had was a green light on the case and no post. I had the power supply checked where i bought it and it was ok. could the mother board go out this quick? I have considered buying a FIC FIC KTBC51G-LFMBoard S939 which is suppose to be a replacement for the current board. Any thoughts on my problem and is this would be a good route to go.
Thanks Henry

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If the unit was plugged in overnight

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to gateway gt5028

It could have been hit by a Power Spike when some Wild Life flew or ran into the Overhead Power Lines and destroyed the M'Board.

So in answer to your question I would have to say YES! Though I would fully expect the Power Supply to be damaged before the M'Board was destroyed but with some of the No Name Power Supplies that are available anything is possible.


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GT 5028

by chris.laska In reply to gateway gt5028

I was asked to look at a GT 5028. At first look I determined the on board video went out and installed a new nvida card 7600. It was noted that these machines can not handle the heat of cards in the 8800 range. I returned the machine in working condition. It was brought back to me after a few weeks, with the same problem with the new card. I left the box open over the weekend and upon returning Monday morning, on board video came up fine. With it now running with the case open, I noticed one of the heat sync was not only loose but extremly hot. Decided to run speedfan test. Nothing out of the ordinary. Slightly hot. Over 50 C. Some machines can take 60. Decided to run Prime95 stress test. Machine blew up. Blue screen. Local sensor way too hot. After further review this chip was the on board video! How about that. Re glued the heat sync and rigged a $3 dollar fan on top. Not the best solution but for our needs, perfect. Let it sit over night. Next day, boot up fine, re ran stress test and fanspeed test. Ran slightly hot but the Prim95 stress test really should "stress it out". That is our solution. Bad board, bad design. Optimal would be board replacement. Cheap solution, rigged fan on video chip under loose heat sync.

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