Gateway Laptop - Hard Drive Error - KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

By ostapr ·
The other night I was working on my Gateway (model #MP8070 laptop, and the battery went down to the point where it just shut down on me. It was late at night, so I left it and the next day it wouldn't boot. The machine is only a few months old.

First I tried copying the usual boot files from a working C drive (boot.ini, ntldr, etc) onto a floppy, and trying to boot. No luck.

I've tried to boot from the Windows XP Pro CD, but it won't recognize the hard drive. I've downloaded Gateway's SATA driver (http://tinyurl.com/33e4me) and put them on a floppy - hit F6 to load them during the setup process. No luck.

Once when I was trying to get the System Recovery Console to boot, I got a blue screen with the following error:

...blah blah... Stop: 0x0000007a

Next, I opened the case to see if the hard drive was loose, took it out and re-seated it. No luck. Even popped it into another Gateway laptop, and it still wouldn't boot. So the problem is definitely the hard drive.

Any suggestions about how to get the machine to boot again and get my data back?

Any help greatly appreciated!!

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OK the good news is that you have a floppy to play with

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gateway Laptop - Hard Dri ...

So visit the HDD makers Web Site and download the HDD testing Utility and test that drive in the original NB. If it fails the test there try it in another NB and then if it fails again the drive is faulty but if it passes in the second machine the Drive controller in the first NB is faulty and the M'Board needs replacing.

As for recovering your data you are somewhat stuffed here so your only option is to buy a USB Caddy for that type of HDD and plug it into a working Computer through the USB port and then try to recover your data. If you can access the HDD and had a password on XP you'll need to take Ownership of your Files by following the directions here


If the NB was loaded with XP Pro there is a possibility that the Windows Encrypted File System was used so you'll need to look and save any encryption keys NB this only applies to XP Pro not XP Home and you can save a copy of the encryption key by following the directions here


You may also like to try a In Place Install of XP by following the directions here but be warned if you had Windows EFS enabled you need to save a copy of the Encryption Key or all your data will be saved encrypted and without the encryption Key will be very expensive to recover so make sure that you have saved a copy of the Encryption Key if applicable first.


Once you have safely saved your data off the HDD return the complete unit to Gateway for Repair UG.

If you are unable to recover your data your only option is to send the HDD off to a Data Recovery House and allow them to recover your data and if you had Windows EFS enabled warn them of this so that you don't get handed back a pile of garbage that you can not read.

Now that you have found a real problem it's time to start looking for a Disaster Recovery Plan where you save your data on a very regular basis so if you have a HDD failure you are not up for thousands of $ to recover your data.


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Drive Fitness Test

by ostapr In reply to OK the good news is that ...

Thank you for the tips. I downloaded Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test (DFT) onto a floppy, and the analysis found some bad sectors which were fixed. This solved the HD problem, and I was able to reinstall WinXP Pro with a backup of the C Drive in a separate 'My Backup' folder.

However, the bad sectors must have been the ones with my data, because the 'My Documents' folder in 'My Backup' is unreadable now that Windows is back up and running. So it seems that I've lost all this data? Are there recovery utilities that may be able to recover some of this data?

Is it common for a hard drive to get corrupted when the laptop shuts down due to low battery?

Again, many thanks for your help!

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Well firstly can you not actually see the files in question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Drive Fitness Test

OR do you not have permission to copy them?

If it's the latter you need to take ownership of them and you can do that by following the directions here


As for running a NB Battery flat and causing a hard turn off it depends on who made the NB. Every NB that I've ever used has a controlled shut down process which shuts down the NB when the battery gets to a certain level and will not allow you to restart the unit without the mains adaptor plugged in but quite a lot of the new cheap NB's that are currently available don't have that protection built in as they cut corners for cheapness. So you can not compare a 6 K NB to a sub 1 K NB and expect both to work as well as each other.

Besides with NB's if they are moved around it's very common to have bad sectors on the HDD develop because the heads crash onto the platters when they get a sudden movement which again is something that is protected by the more expensive NB that are sold. Basically you get exactly what you pay for and the cheaper that something is the less protection that there is built into the thing.

But no matter what there is no excuse for not having a backup plan in place that you regularly use as HDD do fail and other hardware fails which can result in the loss of your data or much worse the need to take a HDD to a Data Recovery House and spend quite a lot of money to recover your important data. The last dead HDD that I had to recover data from for Tax Reasons cost 46K and it was only that cheap to me because I have a deal going with the company in question it should have been much more when for less than $100.00 that person could have had a working backup in place and saved all that money.

As NB's are the second most stolen item if that was to happen all your data is then lost forever with no hope of recovery so that is even more reason to have a working backup plan in place.


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Taking Ownership worked!

by ostapr In reply to Well firstly can you not ...

Hal, thanks so much for your help! Initially when I right-clicked for the properties of the backed up folder, it showed 0 files and 0 bytes. But when I followed the instructions for taking ownership of the folder all the files came back.

So in the end, I didn't suffer any data loss. Just had to deal with the hassle of reinstalling all the software. Very relieved to have all of my data. Normally I back up frequently, but just before this crash, I had transferred many gigabytes from an old workstation to the laptop, and it was the only place where they existed.

Do you think the hard drive should be stable at this point, or should I send it in to Gateway? Suppose I will run some diagnostics just to be sure. And once everything is in place, I will de-frag the drive.

Many thanks again. Lifesaver!

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I would really suggest that you go to the HDD makers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Taking Ownership worked!

Web Site and download their HDD Testing utility and test the HDD with that. If it fails that means that either the HDD has problems or the M'Board that it's attached to has problems and as it's new return it to Gateway with the error report for a fix.

When you get it returned test the HDD again for faults and don't accept it back unless everything passes the HDD Test.


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