Gateway, MPC dissolved. How are you handling support issues?

By dinotech ·
I would like to know from those of you in the support industry on how you have handled issues with supporting Gateway desktops since MPC is no longer in business. We have several desktops that require warranty maintenance.

If you have experience with this issue:

1. Have you found an alternative vendor to warrant the computers?

2. What motherboards have worked well in replacing the ECS motherboards being used in the 4000 and 6000 series?

3. Are you in the process of writing off the Gateways and just purchasing new equipment?

Any other information would be helpful...thanks.

Edit: I've already been to the MPC site, and the support form is bounced back. Phone number disconnected.


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Some Thoughts

by TheChas In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

Under normal circumstances, MPC would be required to provide an alternate means of warranty support. All warranty liability is given a fairly high priority in most US bankruptcy courts.

If they do not provide support, or an alternate, then you may be on your own.

Interestingly, the only solid notice on the MPC web site is the upcoming auction.

So long as their web site is up and running, I recommend that you download (or at least make sure you have) all of the drivers and manuals that you might need.

As far as replacing motherboards, any different motherboard is going to be an issue. Even a different motherboard built with the same chip-set is apt to have a different HAL and will cause Windows fit's when you boot up the system.

Your best option, would be to install a new image when you change the motherboard and then recover any user files.

Alternately, if you boot into safe mode on the first boot with a new motherboard, you have a good chance to recover and just need to re-activate Windows.

As far as writing the systems off, that is an issue for you and the finance department to determine. If the repair and downtime costs get too high, then it is time to recycle the systems.


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I was wondering about the legal aspects

by seanferd In reply to Some Thoughts

thanks for your comment.

I figured they should provide an alternate means of support, especially if one had contracts with MPC.

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Up to the Judge

by TheChas In reply to I was wondering about the ...

Most of what happens with any assets that a company that transitions from chapter 11 to chapter 13 is at the discretion of the bankruptcy judge and any appointed administrator.

There is an order that creditors are paid off.

Usually any consumer interests come first. I'm not as sure where a corporate account customer would fall in relation to a supplier. Still, both would normally come before stockholders and other unsecured parties.

As to your note in the other post about Gateway, the present incarnation of Gateway is a subsidiary of Acer. They only sell and support the notebook computer line. The desktop support link on the Gateway site takes you to the MPC web site support page.


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Rebuild and reimage

by dinotech In reply to Some Thoughts

We planned on doing that. However, the issue with the motherboards we had to replace the ECS boards were not working. At all. So that left us with two issues now, plus extra support costs.

I want to thank everyone for posting. I was looking for what other people have experienced on this issue. As for pursuing any legal action on the warranty, we'll look at all the options to see what is best for our group.


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Wow. No mobos work in these boxes?

by seanferd In reply to Rebuild and reimage

Or are you being shipped entirely defective motherboards?

Either way, I'm sorry to hear it. Ever feel like you're living in a Joseph Heller novel about tech support?

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I'd hit the auction

by seanferd In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

Or check with Gateway directly:
(of course, they probably have nothing on their pro systems any more).

Does ECS carry anything that still fits the requirements?

Seeing how they are all really short on mobo info, it looks like supporting these could be a real PITA.

Do those motherboards have a particular layout requirement, or will standard boards (with or without the Intel 845 chipset) fit in those?

You may find reviews for parts searching "replacement motherboard gateway 4000" or something more specific to the mobo.

Sounds like it might be a challenge. I remember trying to support Packard Bell desktops after they pulled out of the U.S.]

Good luck to you.

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These Links are broken

by rummelhart In reply to I'd hit the auction

Does anyone have any upated URLs?

I also have a Gateway Notebook (NX570XL) bought through the company I work for back in 07. It also has a 3 year warranty. My boss is quite frantic about getting his monies worth, before we have to junk the notebook after extracting the RAM and HD.

Any updates?

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Updated links for something that no longer exists?

by seanferd In reply to These Links are broken

Probably not.

Links that are not to MPC are fine, but I don't think you are going to get support anywhere without paying for it.

A post below has a link

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If you look at their Web Site it clearly says

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

Update on Recent Events

Gateway sold its Small Business, Mid & Large Business, Government and Education operations to MPC Corporation, completing the transaction as of October 1, 2007.

Headquartered in Nampa, Idaho and originally known as Micron Computers, MPC now owns the entire catalog of products and services of Gateway's professional segments.

Recently, MPC Corporation filed for Chapter 11. They have stated plans to liquidate all company assets.

As of the sale date, all Gateway professional warranties and service agreements were transferred to MPC Corporation as part of the sale. If you have a Gateway pro warranty or service agreement, please refer to the MPC Corporation website, where you will find information pertaining to your warranty or service agreement. You may also find drivers, downloads and specs on the MPC website.

So assuming that you can look at MPC's Web Site you should know what can be done about Warranty Repairs. There is also a Link to this Web Site on their Front Page here


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Been there...done that

by dinotech In reply to If you look at their Web ...

The MPC site where they offer to enter information regarding warranty is a dead end. The phone line has been disconnected, and the form, once submitted, returns a non-deliverable email(there was an acronym for those..oh, its monday!).

Edit: Thanks OH for the reply.

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