gateway MT6707 BOOTMGR missing.

By Zerr051 ·
I have tried to reset CTR-ALt-dEL and this notebook will not satart up. I have reset the setting in the bios. F8 will not take the only two i can use is F10 and F2 i cant finf the darn disk. any one out thier have a link a place i can get the boot manager problem fixed please help. I say thank you in advance.

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You'll need to tell us the Operating System first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to gateway MT6707 BOOTMGR mi ...

Without that information, we're all just guessing.

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how to fix this problem

by technocrat25 In reply to gateway MT6707 BOOTMGR mi ...

Most of the time (I guess not always) to get to the restore partition it is one of the following...


These will be done at the same point you start hitting F8

One of those combos usually works.

Gateway may have done things differently.

But if you can not get to the restore partition, and you did not create the restore disks,
Then you will need to contact gateway to order the restore disks.

However, it is possible that you may have a bad hard drive.
You can usually check the BIOS for the model number and look up the manufacturer to get the HDD Diags from them. Toshiba Drives have no diags. Or, the HDD Diags could be in the BIOS somewhere, you will have to look for them, if they are there.

If you can't fidn it that way, you will need to pull the Hard Drive and see who the manufacturer is and then, get the HDD Diags from them. To check and make sure the HDD is ok before trying to reload the OS.

There are many things that can cause an issue like this. Memory is another, if the memory is bad, it is possible to cause Data Corruption. Use Windows Memory Diag for that.

My first step to take would be, test the Hard Drive. If this passes,,,,
Then test the memory, just to make sure. If this passes,,, and you still can't get to the restore partition....

Then something horked the data on the drive (it would be unknown how or what might have casued it) and you will need to order those restore disks. Or if you can find an OEM version of the OS that came with your system, you can use that to reload it. Or buy a retail copy and load that.

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