Gateway Mx6450 won't power on

By thehoodoo ·
Hey all, my "mx6450" Won't power on. What happened was I was on battery power, it was about to run out so I pluged in the DC jack and wammy computer died, It's been dead ever since.

I tested the board with a volt meter and I'm geting 19.43 volts after the power jack. In various spots along the board I read power of some voltage or another. To me thats telling me I have power, am I wrong?

I could save my self the Hassle and plop in a new MotherBoard but, I hate to accept defeat. Plus I'm low on the presidants if you know what I mean.

Any Ideas? could it be the power button? The power jack? The power button is a surface mount, It should be fairly easy to replace. Also Do you know of any websites where I can pick up computer parts such as "Power Buttons" and "Power Jacks"

Any help would be awesome,

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