gateway my web server site on public internet

By tahaone ·
Dear Sir.
My name is JACK and want to gateway my persolanal iis web server of windows server

2003, i have one machin with windows server 2003 with iis serever,my router is conected on

windows server 2003 machine with dynamic ip and local Lan windows server ip is

router dhcp server is activated

server machine ip is
ip :
gateway ip :
dns :

router isp dns ip is : Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server

and i have also enabled UPNP, firewall and port forward from router on this locoal ip of

window server lan : and they replying successful.
my WEB server is running only ON local area network when i type my router wan ip then it

open router admin page. and i want to open my web server site on public internet so kindly

inform me that where is the problem.
and i have also applied other some web server but there is same result.
pleassssssssse help me.

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dynamic IP

by SPC_TCOL In reply to gateway my web server sit ...

But you know that webpages have static IP's so that they can be found on the web.
You have a dynamic one, so it will be hard to find your server in the first place. As well you have to buy a domain name, did you do this?
It would be much safer and easier to by webspace from a webhoster.

There are ways to get even server online that have dynamic IP's but what kind of security do you have? I don't think that anybody here want's that your server gets abused by someone else, because you don't know how to secure it.

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