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Gateway PC won't boot up, yellow light

By yadrisil ·
Hi, this is my first question, but here it goes. My gateway PC recently started freezing after about 5 minutes of being on. This went on for about a week and then one day I turned it on, it froze, I turned it off, and it didn't boot it. The light on the front of the case just stayed yellow instead of the normal green. I opened it up and found out the fan on the video card stopped working, so I replaced it with a card I know works, but that didn't help (I imagine the video card caused the initial freezing, though). Right now, all the fans are working and I've disconnected the CD drive and floppy drive and taken out all the cards except the video card and I still only get the yellow light. I've also disconnected each of the two harddrives, which did nothing. Also, I saw some answers to other questions saying the rest switch might be stuck: if that could be the case, where is it? (The only power button is the kind where if you hit it once when the PC is on it shuts down, and cuts off power if you hold it for five seconds). Thanks for any help you can offer!

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Gateway PC won't boot up, ...

Initially I thought it may be the power supply... but after re-reading your post, it seems that the Power supply may be fine (fans on, lights). An amber light instead of green ususally indicates a "Stand-by" or power saving mode. Have you tried unplugging the machine, letting it sit, and then reconnecting the power cord to see if it will start?

Most power (and reset) switches on computers these days are momentary switches... meaning when pressed in they make contact (close the circuit) until they are released. So basically, the switch can either be shorted (closed all the time), or stuck on open (never closes the circuit). If you have a multitester, you can check for continuity of that switch by removing the leads from the motherboard (remember where they went), and connecting each probe of the VMM to each wire of the switch. Then by pressing (on) and releasing (off) the switch, you can determine if the switch is bad. If you have a bad switch, it's easy enough to buy a momentary switch from Radio Shack.

Good Luck

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by rwesthdst In reply to Gateway PC won't boot up, ...

Some of the newer Gateway, Systems have a "rocker" type reset switch located somewhere on the board, they are usually black, and they dont look like any kick of connector, they are a relative new device on newer boards, and they ack like a rocker you would find in the electrical control panel found in your house. If you find one on your board, simply lift it a bit, and push it back down,(it will "snap" back into place) that will reset the board so you can boot. Just be careful not to lift it to far up.

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Bios is not kicking

by mfortes In reply to

What should I do next...

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by thenewpl In reply to Gateway PC won't boot up, ...

Not to step on anyone's suggestions here but it seems your system is not completing its boot cycle,,,,,just one question,,,,,,do you here the harddrive winding up? Try Pulling video card out and try to see if you get the beep error for no video card which will tell you at least that your bios is kicking in.

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by lisa.berger In reply to Gateway PC won't boot up, ...

Hey guys!

This is EXACTLY my situation now. What did the problem turn out to be? My guess is the power supply.


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More than just a power supply

by patrick.e.specht In reply to Gateway PC won't boot up, ...

I have had the same problem as is mentioned above, except the issue has changed. Initially it was a bad PSU, but I literally just replaced it this evening, and it still presents a the amber-green light just like before. Any ideas what this new arrival might mean? I will note the computer is 10+ years old, Gateway ELP 500x. 1.5 Ghz processor with 256mb of ram.

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