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gateway pc won't boot up

By omicronten ·
Greetings everyone.

First off, there was already a thread about this but the suggestions have not worked for me so here's my problem.
my PC is a gateway Pentium D 830 processor with windows XP media center edition. The last time I used this pc there were no signs of problems, it did shut off on me after about two hours of it being on. I proceeded to turn it on and after several tries, it finally booted up and was running fine. Today(tuesday) I come into my work, sit on my desk fire it up and nothing happens. I noticed that there were no lights on in the case itself but it does sound on. The fans kick in and everything. the HDD's make the standard HDD noise when booting but the keyboard doesn't light up nor does the usual LED's on the case(HD indicator, power button, etc.).

I disconnected all cards, cables, everything but the graphics card and turned it on, same issue. no lights but it does get juice. I plugged the HDD's and they sound like booting up, the fans kick in and the front light turns yellow(the HDD indicator) but nothing happens. The screen still says no signal and the keyboard is dark.

The power button lights up blue when turned on but that's not happening here. I swapped the graphics card, HDD cables, keyboard, power supply, everything short of the CPU, and the problem persists.
Please help. This PC is my workhorse and I need it alive.

Thank you

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Well, you could try re-seating the CPU with fresh thermal grease.

by seanferd In reply to gateway pc won't boot up

But it may just be dying (or dead). I suggest getting your hard drives out of there and backing up everything before you put them back in, if you are going to continue tinkering with it. One bad power spike and you could lose it all.

Seriously consider buying something, new or used/refurbished. You can get decent deals on brand name systems like Dell, Hp, etc.. by going to their sites and getting a "used" or refurbished PC. Frequently, these are just over-ordered PCs that were returned and cannot be sold as "new" any more. Sometimes just a scratch on the case, or had a bad card or drive that was replaced.

As you are having continuing issues, don't risk your work. Get a new one.

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