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Gateway + LAN problem

By kolawoleopeyemi ·
I run a cybercafe with a total of about 15pcs with a Vsat technology, my problem is that whenever i connect my server or some specific systems to the gateway, the gateway times out, when i remove the network cables it replies again, presently i can only browse with two pcs on the local area network, i have formatted all the systems in case of virus threat and scanned them as well but i keep having this problem, what can i do please, and there's a good signal from my ISP.

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by robo_dev In reply to Gateway + LAN problem

Couple of basic questions:

Did the configuration you have ever work properly, or are you in the process of installing it?

If it did work properly before, then there must be a configuration change or hardware fault.

Assuming that your gateway is a router and is also a DHCP server for local PCs, are there enough DHCP IP addresses allocated for more than two PCs? Is your server accidentally configured as a DHCP server? (this would explain why clients stop working when you plug in the server).

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