Gateway Solo 5300 Won't Boot With New Hard And Disc Drives

By denidowns ·
I Have A Gateway Solo 5300 That Had A 10 G Hard Drive That Worked Fine, And DVD Rom Drive That Never Worked. I Wanted To Upgrade So I Bought A NEW 30 G Hitatchi Hard Drive, And A Brand New Samsung DVD Writer. I Have Tried Everything That I Know To Get It To Boot From The The Operating System CD, But No Matter What I Do It WILL NOT BOOT PERIOD!!! Could Someone Please Offer Some Suggestions.
Thanks Dennis

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We don't know what you know. :)

by seanferd In reply to Gateway Solo 5300 Won't B ...

For instance, have you entered BIOS setup to make sure that the optical drive is set to boot before the HDD?

Is the OS CD the one that came with your system, or a retail copy? It most likely won't boot an OEM CD for a different computer.

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by denidowns In reply to We don't know what you kn ...

Yes I Have Went Into Bios And Changed Boot Order, Priority, Even Went Into Boot Agent, And Made Some Changes, As Well As Tried To Disable It. (Intel Boot Agent That Is)
I Bought The Computer Used, So I Am Using A Different CD To Install Operating System, But It Is XP Pro Just Like What Was On It Before.

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system install on new hard drive

by cbrady1000 In reply to Gateway Solo 5300 Won't B ...

Ok I had the same problem .What I found out is that you have to have the original OEM optical drive to do this .It will not work with the upgrades that are on the market. If you can get your system installed then the upgraded optical drive will work and that is the only way it will . Believe me I spent about 2 weeks playing with this and this is waht I found out. If the face plate on the optical drive is smoothe and fits smooth with the front of the laptop then it should work but if its a little ofset on the one corner of the optical drive it will not work.Find and OEM if you can and one that fits smooth across the front of the lap top. Good luck very hard to find. CBRADY1000

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I think that is the best BS story I have heard all year!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to system install on new har ...

After all, we all KNOW that a MB will only recognize the original drive connected to it, and if that one goes bad you're S.O.L.! :0

You're so full of $#!+ that it's not even funny! I'm ROTFLMAO! :^0

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