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    Gateway to Gateway VPN not bidirectional


    by rellis ·

    I am running a Windows 2003 domain and have a branch office that needs access to network resources. I figured the best answer to this was a demand dial gateway to gateway VPN using L2TP and IPSec. Our main network is configured using and the remote is setup as I used routing and remote access in Windows 2003 to setup a demand dial interface where the branch office calls the VPN server at the main office and establishes a demand dial interface. From the branch office to the main office everything works fine and the users can browse network shares, printers, and whatever they need. The problem comes in when the main office trys to access anything at the branch office. Traffic seems to stop at the main office VPN server and can’t find its way over the VPN. Static routes are set in both servers to traverse the demand dial connection and communication orginating at the branch office can find its way to the main office and back but anything originating from the main office cannot find its way to the branch office. Any suggestions?

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