Gateway...Installing vista no drivers loaded operating system not found?

By jadudu678 ·
i have a gateway computer mc7321u that's the name, so please tell me how to fix the no drivers loaded, how do i install driver do i copy it from another laptop or buy a cd, what exactly do i do, i don't really understand what bios, hdd, SATA, or ubuntu (all words i read from other websites) is, if someone can tell me how to reinstall vista I'll be very happy, or get my files such as my (photos, downloaded programs,documents etc...) back that would be helpful i rather get them back before installing new vista but if there no possibility of getting them back I'll would just be happy to get a working laptop... also when replying back please tell me step by step how to do what like
first go to.....
then go to......
next you need to.....
i really don't know anything about computer if you tell me something i know nothing of i would have to take my time and research any computer jargon u said so please be specific plz and ty

Here is info on laptop

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what has lead you to

by PurpleSkys In reply to Gateway...Installing vist ...

having to install drivers? Has the computer crashed? Have you already tried to reinstall another operating syster?

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to purpleskys response

by jadudu678 In reply to what has lead you to

the computer did in fact crashed, actually i was using it and out of no where it froze i did whatever i could to unfreeze it but no such luck, so then i proceed on closing it automatically, when i open it it said no operating system found, and i'm not exactly sure how to install another operating system, what's is that and how to i get it

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If the unit is Under Guarantee

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to to purpleskys response

Call Gateway for a RMA. If it's not under Guarantee you need to test the HDD as it sounds as if it has failed.

To do this you can download the Ultimate Boot CD from here It's free so make sure that you click on the ISO File not the add

Use whatever CD Burning software that you have and burn the ISO Image to a CD then place it int he dead NB and boot off the Ultimate Boot CD, you may need to reset the Boot Order int he BIOS so press whichever key is mentioned on the Gateway Splash Screen to enter the Setup and navigate to Boot Order and set the CD/DVD Drive to the first option followed by the HDD.

Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and restart the system.

Then using the arrow keys highlight HDD Testing and press Enter. Then chose any of the HDD testing utilities listed and do a full test of the HDD.

Post back with what the report tells you is wrong with the HDD.


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Additional basic answers.

by seanferd In reply to to purpleskys response

<i>Operating System</i> - Vista is (or was) your operating system (or OS). All modern Microsoft operating systems are called Windows + a version name. (e.g., Windows Vista.)

<i>BIOS</i>- Basic Input/Output System. This is what starts up the machine itself, and allows the OS to load off the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). <i>BIOS Setup</i> - you enter Setup by using whichever key(s) are offered for this by BIOS when you boot the machine. What you see when you first boot, but before Windows starts loading, is displayed by BIOS.

<i>HDD</i>- Hard disk drive. This is where the OS, programs, and all your data is stored. A little box with a spinning disk inside, which is connected inside your computer. This is possibly where your problem lies.

<i>SATA</i>- Serial ATA. Just a way that HDDs connect to the computer with a skinny cable. Older systems use (Parallel) ATA, which has a wide, flat ribbon cable. This may be important to you if you need SATA drivers which do not come with Vista. You would need to get them from Gateway (see my previous post).

<i>Ubuntu</i>- One of the more popular operating systems based on Linux. A free OS.

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Did the Vista disk come with the system?

by seanferd In reply to Gateway...Installing vist ...

Drivers are found at the same support site you pulled the descriptions from.

Enter the serial number to get the proper drivers.

This list will probably be pretty close to what you need, if you Vista is 32-bit.
But if you use the serial number method, you won't have to guess which exact drivers you need.

Do you have Vista or any other install disks for this system?

This link tells you how to get started using the Recovery system.

However, this may wipe all your data (your pictures, music, docs).

So, as purpleskys asks, what happened? Were you trying to reinstall already? Or did something bad happen, but you haven't actually tried to reinstall yet?

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Well as stated above reloading the system is the easy thing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gateway...Installing vist ...

But without knowing what has happened here recovering your Data is far more difficult.

You can use any Live Linux like Knoppix available free here to boot the system and save your Data to a different form of Media

But if you where using some form of Data Encryption on the previous Vista Install things will get difficult very quickly and may even be impossible for you depending on what has been done here.

But with Knoppix downloaded via FTP and burnt to a blank CD or copied to a USB Thumb Drive you need to enter the BIOS and alter the Boot Order to CD or USB depending on what you have here to use First then HDD and save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

Then insert either the CD or Thumb Drive with Knoppix on it and restart the computer.

Follow the prompts till Knoppix is loaded then open the My Computer and copy the Files from the HDD to some other External Media that can be a external HDD, large Thumb Drive or Optical Disc like a DVD Blank.

After you have copied the data you can grab the Owners Manual and follow the steps in it to rebuild/reload/repair the system. Most of these Gateway NB's have a Recovery partition in them and it's just a matter of starting the recovery process and the system is returned to As New Condition.

This of course destroys any Settings and all your Data that you have added since first getting this computer. Not to mention any Software you have installed as well as M$ Updates and so on.


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