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Gathering website content

By jzimmerman ·
Hello. I am in the process of revamping our company website and I am trying to get the best ideas for gathering content from end users, project and program managers related to their programs. What has worked for your company?

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The easiest way to generate content

by Tig2 In reply to Gathering website content

Is to ask for it.

Your project and program managers likely have a vision statement at the least that speaks to the validity and importance of their projects. If nothing else, this is useful to you as content. They also likely update their business partners on a weekly basis. Get on the cc list and copy/paste the update.

End users are a bit tougher. If you give them a reason to contribute, they likely will. But they need a reason to take that extra time from their day to provide you with content.

Sending an email requesting information in a way that encourages them to respond- a poll or a set of questions, for instance- will gather information in a way that will allow you to copy/paste their responses. Do yourself the favor of letting people know how you will deal with the information they give you. If you plan to edit, say as much. If you plan to copy/paste, say that. This will help your respondents to give you what you need.

Finally, if you go the email route, make sure that you communicate the frequency of information. Many people won't mind adding you to the cc list for a weekly update but simply don't have the time to update you individually.

I will make a bet that you will find a closet journalist or two.

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