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Gawd, do I need to rant

By jdclyde ·
Does anyone else work in a situation where anytime something doesn't work, it HAS to be "your" equipment?

We have some networked copiers that allow the user to scan something in, and have it emailed to their account.

A user was not receiving these emailed scans (that are saved as pdf files).

Our email "administrator" sent me a message asking ME to go through the firewalls spam filter because it was blocking these emails.

I wrote back that since these messages NEVER leave our lan, they NEVER pass through the firewall to get blocked.

Anyone else have to deal with this?

How good are you at staying civil with these "look everywhere else first" people that have accidentally gotten themselves an admin job they are not competent enough to warrant?

This is far from the first time, and has been going on for years. I find I have less and less tolerance everytime. One time was in front of the boss where she flat out attacked me for doing something, and I had to explain (in front of the boss) that what she was accusing me of was impossible and if she knew the basics about the system, she would know that. The boss DID know the basics, and knew I was right. (again)

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Defiantly not something to get me started on there JD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gawd, do I need to rant

I used to get it all the time once and not just from Incompetent people that where supposed to know better. If it's plugged into a wall socket of some description I'm Responsible for it no matter what it was.

Back in the days when a computer weighted tons and took up the best part of an entire building I would get Sales Staff sell the wrong thing and then hit me to fix it. After all it was a computer so it had to do the job that they sold it to do. Didn't matter if it was a Printer Terminal it was still a computer and they wanted it to Compute.

I did however like one where I was called in to fix a problem and I found a TIG Welder not working. Because it Plugged Into a Wall Socket it was my responsibility but the cute thing there was they wanted to save power so I was the one called in. I pulled the plug and said it can not use any electricity now. Go Figure I don't know. :0


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You dumbass

by DMambo In reply to Gawd, do I need to rant

You HAVE to be good to these people, they're your job security. Remember, a lot of people working did not grow up with PC's even though they're so ubiquitous now. They just want it to work. I know that my factory could replace me in a matter of days, probably for less money. So I thank the people who cause the ID10T errors; not for making my job easier, but for making my job.

Of course, as the phone's ringing, I do scream "Now who the FU<|< is that and why don't they leave me alone!!!!" But by the time I answer it, I'm pleasant as can be.

EDIT - Anyway, you picked a good place to rant rather than in front of your co-workers.

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I don't mind USERS

by jdclyde In reply to You dumbass

If they knew my job, they wouldn't need me, huh?

MY problem is when TECHS try to push their problems off as mine just because they don't understand their own job.

It is a problem I CAN'T fix because I don't work with the email, just the servers (other than that one) and the network.

And yes, I have learned to NOT vent openly. It doesn't do anyone any good.

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Is there a SPAM filter blocking it?

by w2ktechman In reply to I don't mind USERS

maybe not the firewall at all. I have seen SPAM filters block internal only email before

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There IS another SPAM filter

by jdclyde In reply to Is there a SPAM filter bl ...

that the "admin" is in charge of, running on the email server......

Still her problem, not mine. ;\

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And another thing.....

by DMambo In reply to Gawd, do I need to rant

You want a rant? Listen to this. Someone here popped the GFCI receptacle that the coffee machine is plugged into. When I went to make coffee on this MONDAY morning, there was no hot water in there and it came out looking like weak iced tea. Then when I waited a while, it apparently wasn't enough, so I'm drinking little more than warm dark water. How's that for incompetence????

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Ah, the dreaded coffee machine

by jdclyde In reply to And another thing.....

I had some users in a remote building decide to plug their coffee machine into the power strip that ran all the network equipment.

I got a call that the network was down.

Guess who blew a fuse, knocking it all out? Bingo.

They were less than pleased when they were informed they were NOT allowed to plug anything into the outlets in the network closet.

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Had the same problem with a microwave.

by DMambo In reply to Ah, the dreaded coffee ma ...

Plugged into the same circuit as the switch for one of the work areas. It took me a while to figure it out because users would use the microwave at the start of break and reset the breaker if it went out then go to break. When they got back, their network connection was restored, but the ERP program we use would wig out if the connection was dropped. It might be an hour before anyone used the ERP program, so there could be a long time between the circuit breaker and the user reporting an error.

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Double post (NT)

by DMambo In reply to Ah, the dreaded coffee ma ...
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"Your stupid crap server is down again"

by jdclyde In reply to Double post (NT)

I just KNOW that is what you heard, repeatedly.....

I know I haven't heard that in at least three days.... ;\

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