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GDI + Graphics boot error

By cfolk ·
When booting up the pc I get this error message

GDI + Graphics
Software loaded did not detect any MS Office, MS Picture It, or Framework software on your computer.
Computer component security vulnerability.

I can click OK to continue the boot and everything seems to be working fine, but I get the error next time I boot up.

cannot find any solutions for this, has anyone ever had this error.

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by TomSal In reply to GDI + Graphics boot error

No worries, its not actually an "error" in the generic, common sense of the term.

The GDI thing is a new fangled "feature" from Microsoft, whether you know it or not you downloaded and installed this tool when you updated Windows (could of been done during an automatic or scheduled update, that's why you don't recognize it).

I did read up yet on what the GDI stands for, but the gist of the tool is that its scans your PC proactively and will notify you if you are running any software that is deemed a security vulnerability; as the message you got is evidence of.

Take heed its a Microsoft tool...its defines a security vulnerability has any uninstalled MS security patches that relate to any MS software you have on your system. If you proceed to Windows Update (if you are running XP, don't use the Express option, you won't see all the updates, use the custome option to view everything) you should see the patches available for downloading.

After you download and install those said patches and shut down then restart your computer, that GDI messages should be history.

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