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GE laptop theft exposes data on thousands

By marileev ·
Here we go again, another laptop stolen this time it's 50,000 records on a GE stolen laptop:

When will people learn you really have to watch your company assets? A $1,500 machine isn't just the laptop. It's your work, your client lists, private data

Laptop theft in 00's seems to be what car theft was in the 80's & 90's. There are anti-theft software solutions that can be applied to lessen the impact, and why they're not used is beyond me.

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My wife's company locks down the boot process of laptops

by Why Me Worry? In reply to GE laptop theft exposes d ...

by having a disk overlay that requires a password to be entered for the laptop to boot

also, no data is to be stored on the laptiop and all work is done remotely via a VPN connection to the main office

if the laptop is ever lost or stolen, no data will be compromised because there will be no way to boot the OS and no sensitive data is stored on the laptop

why can't these idiots at GE do something as simple as that? do we IT folks have to come in as consultants to show their idiot IT departments how to do their damned jobs?

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company toys vs. work machine

by marileev In reply to My wife's company locks d ...

WhyMeWorry?, there are soo many sensible solutions that can stave off the impact of a lost or stolen laptop.

Having a company policy to VPN in is one easy-peasy thing people can do. If you have a company laptop with this sensitive information and have it stolen -- the ramification for possibly ruining other people's live is to loose your job.

It's sad at one of my old jobs, some of our people saw laptops as toys instead of important work machines. There's just too many risks involved to give a laptop to someone who would be careless enough to store 50,000 pieces of sensitive information on it

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Stupid is as stupid does!

by Why Me Worry? In reply to company toys vs. work mac ...

And a lot of end users with laptops are indeed stupid. They think that getting a corporate laptop entitles them to storing craploads of MP3s' and other junk on it, as if it were their own personal laptops. Would you put custom rims or tints on a rented car? Of course not, because the car isn't yours. With this logic, why do they think that such actions are acceptable with a laptop that isn't their personal property?

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Customing Company Machines

by marileev In reply to Stupid is as stupid does!

All too true -- I sit across from my Ops Mgr. and I heard another employee say "Oh, you're spying on me?" No, our Ops Manager is doing his job making sure your machine isn't clutted up w/your music. It's a work machine!

Company machines don't equal toys -- if employees had to pay for the equipment they lost I think they'd be so much more careful.

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I agree. If my wife loses her company laptop..she has to pay for it!

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Customing Company Machine ...

simple as that! no other way around it

it's not a toy, nor was it a Christmas gift, so it is her responsibility to guard it from theft and loss of corporate data

some users simply don't get it because they aren't required to cough up $$$$ if they lose it or destroy it

make these morons pay and you will quickly see how they comply to corporate policy

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