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    GED Software


    by qballrail ·

    This is not General Ed, rather, Glass Equipment Development software.

    I work in a window manufacturing environment and have run into an issue I cannot figure out and can use some input.

    The situation has been narrowed down to permissions in an Active Directory environment. The program runs great if the user is logged in to the local machine but not from the domain. However, if logged in from the domain, the program hangs and/or does not communicate with the rest of the equipment and network.

    I am suspicious of registry corruption but this affects two machines equally. Does not matter what username is used, if logging on from the domain, it will not work. But it is very pecuilar that two machines are identically affected.

    This is not a new installation and has been operational for months. No changes to my knowledge have been made recently, either.

    Any thoughts?

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      More Info …..

      by trrrr ·

      In reply to GED Software

      First of all, defrag all parties and make sure no Virus’ or Spyware are present on any of the boxes. Remember to disable restore feature.

      Is this on an internal network? If yes, give those two users or workstations full privledges if not, hmmm. If the AD stuff seems to be the issue try VNC if internal. To dangerous if external and only one user can use with VNC.

      More info needed……….

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