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Geek Trivia - obsure religion

By MarianS ·
So what was the obscure religion in Bolivia that Richard James abandoned his family for?

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Good question

by DC_GUY In reply to Geek Trivia - obsure reli ...

All the websites I've found just say "a religious cult." He wasn't exactly J. Robert Oppenheimer, so it's quite possible that no one ever bothered to track down this little detail for posterity.

Good thing he didn't try this a few years later, he could have ended up in Jonestown.

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No one really knows

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Geek Trivia - obsure reli ...

It was a small Christian sect that practiced tent revivals and believed in foreign evangelism. That's about all we know. "The Straight Dope," a kindred spirit of Geek Trivia if ever there was one, looked into this a few years back with Betty James and couldn't find out much beyond that. Here's the link to that story.


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are you sure it was a Bolivian religion?

by brownle In reply to Geek Trivia - obsure reli ...

The sites i have found said he joined a cult in 1960 and then later (1974) died in Bolivia.

so maybe he got American religion here first and moved there; which would make it similar to the jonestown event.

just a thought as i passed through:)

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on a funny note and in reality what happened.

by brownle In reply to Geek Trivia - obsure reli ...

I thought the post said

Greek Trivia - obscure religion

and having been a bible student when i was younger i decided to read it. on the other hand i learned who invented the slinky!


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by kahunadude In reply to on a funny note and in re ...

wasn't the slinky invented by twiggy...who was

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