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Geek Trivia wish list

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
While I'm out working on site improvements, I'd love to hear from the Geek Trivia faithful regarding what they like, dislike, want more of, and want rid of in their TechRepublic content. Post your suggestions below, and I'll shake the corporate ladder on your behalf.

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Two things

by maxwell edison In reply to Geek Trivia wish list

The My Discussions link used to show the discussions in which I've participated, listed in an order starting from the most current. I suppose I'd like that back. Now it shows some very old and obsolete discussions.

I'd like the print option back when reviewing all the discussion comments. Even though I never printed them, it did open up the whole discussion for viewing.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Two things

Do you not see the Print option?

It's still there for me. I think you are talking about hitting Print so that all the threads are opened for review without clicking the various links and going through the discussion post by post.

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Still don't see it

by maxwell edison In reply to Max

Yes, what you stated is what I mean.

I see the following:

Post a Reply - Subscribe - Previous|Next

Print used to be between Subscribe and Previous|Next

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That's strange

by Oz_Media In reply to Still don't see it

You had a similar problem with the box ad that kept recurring too, others (including me) HAD seen it but it was not all the time.

I see the Print icon on all the discussion screens though so I don't know why it wouldn't be showing up for you if the pages are served from the same source?!?

Sorry man, that one's got me stumped.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to That's strange

Check the html source (do a View Source if you use IE) and see if "print.gif" is there. That is the image used for the print option.

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free advertising...

by the_biochemist In reply to Max

You could stand to attract more readers by offering a free xml web service of titles and links to CURRENT discussions allowing other web developer to create dynamic links to your site based on your users activity - e.g. top ten discussions.

your e-mails do have this but they are generally out of date by the time readers get them!

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Mine are gone

by mrafrohead In reply to Two things

If it makes you feel any better, all of my discussions are gone... Just missing...

Except the two I posted to yesterday...

Makes me sad, as a few of them I still monitored for changes.


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Here we go again

by Oz_Media In reply to Geek Trivia wish list

You guys should cut and paste from the other discussions we've had on this same issue.

Anyway, Change the names or move your links.
With the Discussion link being above the Technical Q&A link, people constantly post questions in Discussions, pretty annoying when discussions are buried that way, especially when the discussion tracking and subscriptions no longer work.

I suggest a enw name for Technical Q&A, which sounds link a site support link or FAQ's link.

Maybe "Get Help" or "Find Solutions" or anything other than Technical Q&A.

'Edit' feature for posts would stop a LOT of flaming and also provide a way for us poor typists to ensure our posts read correctly. This is a standard feature for most forums now.

Site consistency, well yo9u guys ervamped the home page, whether for the better or not, it still doesn't match the rest of the site which makes it very hard for new memn=bers to foolow the site links, navigation must be consistently placed.

The navigation layout itself needs much work, a top NAV bar (Home>CIO>IT Manager etc) and a side bar of LARGE text links is really poor layout, I'm sure you guys cvan incorporate it a little better and more effectively to retain visitors by offering faster, simpler navigation.

I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse here, this same question has been raised four times that I can remember since the 'new site' was being built.


Subscriptions don't remain more than a few hours.
Most recently visited Discussions show OLD articles not recent posts. I have already been told that your tech supoprt team has been working on this issue since August, although it worked fine until this April so I can assume that is the main problem. Perhaps update the clocks at TR :-)


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Fix link posting

by Cactus Pete In reply to Geek Trivia wish list

I am sure others will point out everything I care about already, but I would like to stress that the extra space in posted links really annoys me. Both that I have to take the time to fix it, and also that other people who don't know better accuse me of posting bad links.

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We feel your pain

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Fix link posting

I can't say too much about the site fix issues right now, but believe me, the editorial staff feels your pain. We're banging our heads against the same wall, along with our painfully overtaxed development staff.

We WILL fix the discussion subsciptions. We will fix Tech Q&A. We will fix the article pages, including navigation. These changes are already in the pipeline, even if the pipe appears clogged at the moment.

As for the My Favorites being erased, I can personally guarantee you that this feature is being championed by a LOT of people. I'm going to the mat on this one, and so are several others.

That said, I'd like to get past the "usual suspects" of site fixes and move onto a broader wishlist.

What NEW features do you want to see? What are we not doing that you want? If you could rebuild TR from the ground up, what would it look like?

We have some ideas of our own, and I'll share those later. Right now, I want to hear from you folks. We're very seriously considering a major revamp of our entire product offering. What direction would you like to see us move in?


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