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    Geeks are wellcome


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      Pledge for the ancient times!

      by maeseralf ·

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      How many cam remember the old Altair Mach IV?

      For those times, IT was an emerging field, where geeks were digging in their personal computers to get them really productive. Every one of us was writing our own programs (in BASIC, a few privileged in FORTRAN) for the Apple, Rainbow 100, Z-80-CP/M based computer, the Spectrum…

      Then, the personal computing was free at all. No Internet, no Windows empire, low speed… But a lot of friendship. Now you must spend a lot of $’s to get productive. Very strong computing power is committed to gaming, adds, movies… But when you want to write a letter for your mate, suddenly a pop-up tells you your coffee is cold, or there are many ads in your in-box. You are not free even to write weird words with getting no amendments from MS-Word speller.

      all of that a new way for freedom? Don’t you like better, to use your huge power on calculating the trajectory of a bullet, running through water, at a given initial speed, and forming certain angle with the surface, for a fixed temperature?

      Today that’s not a challenge for smart geeks. You can get it done for a few coins, but with the cost of submission to a stranger philosophy

      -by, folks!

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