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GeForce 4 Ti Series Overclocking??

By DKP ·
I recently downloaded and added the registry setting that would enable a hidden tab in the advanced video settings named "coolbits.reg". I have researched on the internet and have asked many friends whether or not you are actually overclocking the video card? All of my resources have stated that the full line of GeForce4Ti series video card have the same chipsets but with lower clock speeds to lower the prices. I have the 4200 card in my machine and have bumped up the speeds to that of a 4600 with no problems. Are the preceding statements true? Is this safe?
Any input would greatly be appreciated!

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GeForce 4 Ti Series Overclocking??

by B_Pope In reply to GeForce 4 Ti Series Overc ...

I can't answer your question directly, but will instead suggest you visit the forums at this site & post the same question under the hardware section.

just click on "message board" at top of screen.

Their's several questions regarding the GeForce4 cards currently listed. You'll need to register to post, maybe see you there, I use a different alias however.

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GeForce 4 Ti Series Overclocking??

by opatzg In reply to GeForce 4 Ti Series Overc ...

Keep in mind that overclocking always heats up the processor on board, make sure you have a heatsink and fan kit on the video board or run a pci fan card in the slot next to it to help maintain temperatures.

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GeForce 4 Ti Series Overclocking??

by DKP In reply to GeForce 4 Ti Series Overc ...

Just want to make sure I was clear...as I understand, all of the GeForce 4 Ti series video cards are the exact same, except that the clock speeds were lowered and the frequencies tab was hidden to facilitate a lower sale price. Is this true? If so, there should be no reason not to bump up the frequency to at least the 4400 and still be safe with only the stock fan and heat sink.

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