Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead! :-(

By dr3amz ·
Ok, so everything was working fine, next morning switched on the ol' PC - and no display...

Great, tried resetting bios/re-seating card etc (bear in mind NOTHING change from night before bar going to bed! lol) - still nothing.

Tried in another PC - same issue.

Can hear the PC booting up - but no display from either output, tried on 350W upto 500W PSUs - same result.

Is it dead? The fact the PC still seems to be booting to windows gives me some kinda hope?

Or am I gonna finally have to upgrade the old dog?


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Re: Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead ...

Have you tried another graphic card?
Sounds that you have not, so get another basic one and try it out. If it boots up then you will have your answer. :)

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by dr3amz In reply to Re: Geforce 8800GTS640mb ...

Have a 7800 in there atm (god its crap!) and boots ok.

I just can't see why it died over night when it wasn't even turned on? lol

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Have you inspected the card

by Jacky Howe In reply to Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead ...

is the fan spinning? It maybe generating too much heat.

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fan spins - there is power

by dr3amz In reply to Have you inspected the ca ...

yep, spinning ok - this is straight from turn on so i doubt it's generating much heat at that point at all - but i can't even see the system post with this card in.

however as the fan is working, and the pc appears to be booting (albeit with a black screen) i'm reluctant to accept that the card is completely dead

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Have you checked the graphics settings (with the 7800 running) ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead ...

If the 7800 (however crappy you may feel it to be) gets Windows running up on your screen, have you checked ALL the settings in case something went awry when the system powered down the previous night.

A setting that may be inhibiting the 8800 from displaying.

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no - irrelevant

by dr3amz In reply to Have you checked the grap ...

I cannot get a display even at BIOS stage so windows settings are nothing to do with this.

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It's not irrelevant at all - you said it booted with the 7800!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to no - irrelevant
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let me explain

by dr3amz In reply to It's not irrelevant at al ...

it's irrelevant because - regardless of what drivers/settings you have in WINDOWS - your graphics card should ALWAYS display something at post (this is before windows + drivers are even involved!).

I think you skipped the other replies to this thread? :)

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Au contraire - I've read the entire thread ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to let me explain

However, for someone to come on TR and exclaim their predicament that they've got an 8800GT that appears to have died, BUT they CAN gain access to Windows with an old 7xxx series card, THEN discard any suggestions that they might use the 7xxx series to examine their system seems slightly odd to me.

Maybe you just want TR peers to tell you to go out and buy another graphics card.



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by Wizard-09 In reply to let me explain

Is just a power on self test, and you may find that the system windows runs the post test so it is loading the drives for your display how else you think the display comes on the TV thats monitor

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