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Generate summary report in Access

By Trek05 ·
I want to run a summary report based on a weeks worth of data I have in the Access database. Need some help figuring it out though. Just to give a brief example of what I'm looking to do, look at this:

Monday, Jan 1st: Sold 2 apples, made $1.00
Tuesday Jan 2nd: Sold 12 apples, made $11.75
Wednesday, Jan 3rd: Sold 5 apples, made $4.95

Now, I have thousands of other records, but I want to run a report of the activity on Jan 1st to the 3rd. Again, how could I do that.

Any insight on this would greatly be appreciated.

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by john.a.wills In reply to Generate summary report i ...

Let the user input a starting and ending date; select using between.

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by Trek05 In reply to

Need to know more details on how to do it.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Generate summary report i ...

create a query that prompts the user for the start and end date (see 'parameter query' in Access Help). you probably want to prompt the user for the salesperson also.
then base your report on that.
to get the total of sales for that period, create a text box in the footer of the report containing a formula that sums the relevant field in the selected records
the footer formula might look something like this :for example

i suggest you download and play with the free Northwind Sample Database which contains reports just like you want.
you can copy and modify them for your own use.
If you have a licensed copy of Office you will find the Northwind sample database AND it's highly useful help files (not downloadable for free) on the second installation CD

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by stevef199 In reply to Generate summary report i ...

Make the query a group by query.

For grouping operation put SUM for Quantity,
and GROUP BY for Date_Sold, and SUM for Sale_Amount.

In the criteria row area, under Date_Sold, put the expression as per:
BETWEEN #1/JAN/2005# AND #3/JAN/2005#

Bobs your uncle.

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Try some online web database service

by echemistry In reply to Generate summary report i ...

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