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generic disk utilities

By jasonlfarrell ·

Hope everyone is well and all good..

I have a Lenovo Vista laptop which i luv to bits..
I was wondering there are several generic disk utilities loaded on my laptop, like Lenovo Resource Centre Maintenance section, and Diskkeeper and Vista own disk management tools.. My question is what tool is the best for defrag, disk repair, which tool will give me the best results etc ...
This is open question any comments will be very welcome..

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Diskeeper Defrag and Lenovo

by derek In reply to generic disk utilities


The Diskeeper defrag included in your Lenovo is the best one to use. Note that it's an earlier edition (v9.0). Whereas the full priced product is now up to v.12 as of Diskeeper 2008.

Either way, it smokes the built-in found in Vista and will never choke on large files like the MS defrag does. It also has smart scheduling?which the built-in does not.

Note: You CAN get markedly more performance out of a newer edition of Diskeeper. So if you want to check that out, grab the free 30 day trial ware off the company web site. But as for freebie vs. freebie (Diskeeper 9.0 vs. MS built-in), you?ve definitely got the better end of the deal.


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Diskeeper 2008

by sancretor In reply to generic disk utilities

Diskeeper (any version) is faster and more thorough than the Windows default. If I am not wrong, the default is actually an old Diskeeper (V.2?) from about 2001.

Especially on Vista, with it's slow default defrag, Diskeeper 2008 produces far better results, and much faster too. I've been using DK2008 since it was released and am very happy with it's performance. I am not sure about how well DK 9 runs on vista since it would lack the excellent auto defrag mode and useful VSS mode of DK2008.

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