Generic, Multi-Purpose Mouse Driver?

By TehChodja ·
I recently got what seems to be an off-brand mouse for my laptop. 10 bucks. Works like a charm.

The only irritation is that it has three extra buttons and doesn't have any drivers for it whatsoever (I asked the seller). They said it's strictly plug'n play.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any generic drivers that might be able to help me out with assigning functions to these extra buttons?

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The generic driver come with the operating system.

by seanferd In reply to Generic, Multi-Purpose Mo ...

So, you need something not so generic, if the generic mouse drivers aren't working.

Since you don't mention the brand of mouse or what OS you are running, I couldn't even guess where to look for a driver, if you need one.

Did you uninstall the previous mouse from Device Manager before removing it and attaching the new mouse?

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by TehChodja In reply to The generic driver come w ...

I usually miss out information.

Umm... I'm using Vista and the brand of the mouse is...well...generic. It doesn't particularly have a brand name. I got it off eBay. lol.

The Windows mouse driver is working fine, I'm able to use the mouse and everything. I was just wondering if there was a solution that might allow me to assign different functions to these three extra buttons on the mouse. Currently they just do the whole "backwards," "forwards," "nothing at all" functions.

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long shot

by brian In reply to Lol.

its an extremely long shot, but has worked for me in the past...try logitecs software for their gaming mice.

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I think...

by TehChodja In reply to long shot

I think I can give that a try.

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Aside from brian@'s suggestion,

by seanferd In reply to Lol.

have you looked at the mouse settings in control panel?

Is the eBay page for the mouse still around?

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Yes, I have.

by TehChodja In reply to Aside from brian@'s sugge ...

It just gives the usual mouse options. Doesn't go into button depth.

The page is still around, but I already asked the vendor directly if there was a driver. He said it was just a plug-n-play product.

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Perhaps an additional tool is called for, then.

by seanferd In reply to Yes, I have.
(I've used this for keyboard purposes before - hey, I still have it installed!) Quite versatile.

Especially if you already are an AHK user:

Or remap via registry (example)


For ideas that don't depend on my memory.

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