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Gentoo vs. Redhat

By brj1980 ·
I'm gonna build a box into an internal file server. Some say redhat is less secure than Gentoo. But Gentoo is more difficult for me since I was trained on RedHat. I need suggestions on which version I should use. I plan to use the latest Proftpd.

Any suggestions would help


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by Jaqui In reply to Gentoo vs. Redhat

I would use gentoo.
but only from red hat leaving bad taste in my mouth when I went to install it.
I'll never touch red hat again.

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by brj1980 In reply to personally

RedHat has always been stable for me. I use Gentoo for a proxy server and a firewall. But it is more difficult to set up than the services I ran on RedHAt. I just might give it a shot. Maybe I'll learn a few things in the process. But thanks for your input.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Really?

I like Gentoo or slackware for focused servers because I only install what I need. Plus the way Gentoo works is pretty spiffy.

However, SELinux (as far as I know) doesn't work with Gentoo, so that is a downside. I also like how Red Hat is moving to stateless Linux, but that is a different discussion ;-)

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by brj1980 In reply to Gentoo

Yeah, once the new raid drives get here, I'm gonna build it with GEntoo. Like I said, it will be a good experience.

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yup, really...

by Jaqui In reply to Really?

14 failed during install
6 no mountable root partition
1 bootable installation, with wrong default runlevel.

21 screwups from red hat in a row.
won't touch thier products.
went back to the mandrake that had been on the system before tried red hat.
( just so it's clear that it wasn't hardware issue it was red hat issue )

now, I use lfs, I got tired of distros screwing around with the way the system works, removing functionality I need, as "they" don't see a need for it.

I just installed the latest mandriva to check it out.
they removed support for zip drives.
yet, I see zip drives in majority of companies offices here... yup that ancient parallel port external zip drive.

how would you sell a company on a products when they remove support for devices that the company uses daily?

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Red Hat

by vroussos In reply to personally

I believe that Red Hat is easy to install and is secure enough , so there is no question if you are trained as you wrote.

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by jonf In reply to Gentoo vs. Redhat

Gentoo can be extremely problematic. The updates often break the system. I would recommend a debian distro. Try Ubuntu. I've been impressed and it's free. Support is also top notch.

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