Genuine KEY product,

By gstepion. ·
Hi I have borrowed my friends xp home editon disc after having a bad virus, because my xp came built in but i have the key code on the side of my tower, have reinstalled from scratch, but have no sound or can not plat dvd's or cd's, with windows media polayer, in my system info its got a Yellow ? by multimedia Audio Controller, and windows is saying its not a genuine disc is this because i borred my friends disc, is there any way i can down load xp home editon and then start again with my key number from side of tower, please,

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I'm afraid you've caused yourself a bit of a problem

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Genuine KEY product,

Without knowing the make / model of your computer I can't be certain - but I think you would have found a 'recovery partition' was built-in to your harddrive. This partition would have been for reinstalling your system if it were needed.

By installing from the 'borrowed' disc you have not installed any of the bespoke drivers that are individual to your own machine. That is why you are now suffering various problems.

The key code on the side of your machine will only be valid with the installation disc / recovery partition for your machine.

Your friend will have already activated their own system anyway, so even if the code and disc matched up (which they don't) when you attempted to activate your installation it would fail.

XPHome has never been a downloadable installation, and now it is not a currently stocked system in retail outlets in the UK.

Your best option would be to find someone selling a secondhand XP with its own COA certificate.

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old xp

by gstepion. In reply to I'm afraid you've caused ...

Old Mycroft would i then be able to installit in my machine, as i have a Packard Bell with 1024mb menerory, Service Pack 2 with 2813mhz so i would like to keep this if possable. any ideas thanks

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Is your friends copy

by IC-IT In reply to old xp

A retail Home version?
If so you can copy the entire CD (include any hidden files). To a folder on a PC. Then look in the I386 folder for the Setupp.ini file. Open it and change the last Three digits in the Pid= line to OEM
Do not change the EXTRADATA= line.
Insure his version has the same level of SP packs as your original had.
Create an ISO and use your current key. An easy way to accomplish this would be to search for, download and use NLite.exe This will also allow you to add the drivers you need. Drivers can be downloaded from your manufacturer's support site.
Read the help files for NLite. Sorry but I will not hold your hand during this process.

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I'm not sure what you're asking now . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to old xp

If you mean would you be able to install an 'old secondhand xp' as I described above, then yes you would. Being secondhand it may OR may not come with Service Pack 2, but SP2 IS DOWNLOADABLE if required.

One of your friends might have SP2 on a magazine disc - they were given away a couple of years ago, to save readers having to download it.

I just had a thought !!!!

Depending on HOW you installed XP from your friend's disc, there is a slim possibility that your Recovery Partition MIGHT still exist on your harddrive.

Navigate to Start > left click Control Panel > left click Folder Options > click 'View' tab > click the box for 'Show hidden files and folders > come back and left click on Desktop.

Start > left click on My Computer > How many drives can you see?

If there is a drive you have never seen before, THAT is your recovery partition.

Post back.

<Edited for typos>

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From Scratch

by gstepion. In reply to I'm not sure what you're ...

Old Mycroft
Cheers for the try but i can only see the C drive which has always been there, tried my sons but it would not load, so reloaded friends which as installed but i have no sound or cant not play any dvd 's but it will let me install things like my printer and camera, from their cd's it's saying i dont have multimedia Audio Controller,

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Your friend's copy isn't specifically for your machine . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to From Scratch

Therefore the machine specific drivers that your install disc would have featured, are not on the one you've used.

Head-scratching time :

You've got to get hold of the machine-specific drivers for your system. Do you know (I mean, can you remember!) what your sound chip is called - which manufacturer's name used to appear on your system?

It'll be something like SoundMax, VinylAudio, AC'97, Creative, or whatever.

You can't download just ANY driver coz it won't work. It has to be the one for your sound chip.

As for the DVDs you'll have to get hold of what is called a 'CODEC pack'. There are lots of them available on the 'net.

Try this:

If you can remember your sound-chip's name just Google for its drivers.

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XP Professional

by gstepion. In reply to Your friend's copy isn't ...

I have just phoned my friend and asked him if its xp home edition and he as now its to late told me its, WINDOWS XP Professional, so it looks like im stummped, bowled out as thay say, and i so wanted to keep this Packard Bell having spent money on upgradeing the memory to 1024mb putting in 4 new usb points at the back dont know which way to turn now, what a plonker i am, could i buy a new xp home disc and if so will it work now its been over rode by this professional i just never took any notice at time of installing, i was just glad i was getting some where, all this happened because of some virus which took my controll panel away, would not let me restore, and also took away my addmin, rights, so i was told by some one on another forum to install from scratch, to get all this back but im now in a worse postion, thats what you get for being a novice learn the hard way, ???

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Wait . . .All is not yet lost - Why the panic ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP Professional

OK - so you've installed XP Pro. So what?

XP Home would have left you in exactly the same position as you are now!

When I said 'not machine specific' I didn't mean <HOME or PRO>. I meant not supplied by the manufacturer of your computer. Only your manufacturer can 'tune' the installer with drivers specific to your machine.

If the XP Pro is running - LEAVE IT!

You just have to find the specific drivers, that's all.

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Support from your Manufacturer

by MiamiPCTech In reply to Genuine KEY product,

You should be able to get a replacement from the Manufacturer of your computer (they might charge a nominal fee for shipping); If they do not help or give you a lame excuse like your computer is out of warranty then there is always eBay.

Regarding your question, yes you are getting the message because you are using your friends CD and probably his license which is not allowed. Hope that helps, Ed

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by gstepion. In reply to Genuine KEY product,

Please how can i find driver's for Windows XP Pro,2006,i have no sound and cannot play dvd's any idea's many thanks,

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