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Genuine windows license fiasco continues

By Beoweolf ·
Since June 1, 2006, a day that will go down in infamy...I have been plagued by Windows (2003 server SP/1 and XP SP/2) Update Validation errors and download failures attributed to Windows Update; corrupt or unknown certificates and repeatedly received reports that valid software is not genuine. I really dislike being told or falsely accused of running pirated software. When the validation steps are followed, the software is listed as valid, yet the "nags" continue.

In each of numerous reports to MS Help; I have been told that the problem is isolated to a "few" machines, yet I hear reports coming from my sources; home users, corporate user and small business networks.

So I ask the "Body Tech", what is the going on? Is this a limited phenomenon or is MS feeding us the corporate line? Are they working the bugs of Software assurance without regard to time lost trying to resolve these problems by any number of isolated tech departments?

I cannot believe this is just an isolated problem, especially since windows help ? is not much help. I?m all for reduced piracy, however when the "cure" intrudes on the lawful use of legal software, and there is no source to quickly resolve problems, then someone needs to stand up and take responsibility for the fiasco.

Is this a local problem? or is something seriously wrong with Software assurrance, Windows Upate (V. 2) or their validation, encryption services?

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I have had this

by zlitocook In reply to Genuine windows license f ...

Happen twice at work. We have a corp. version of XP pro. And use a Ghost image to set up all the computers. So how can two computers out of sixty be invalided?

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Found the problem

by Beoweolf In reply to Genuine windows license f ...

With the assistance of Microsoft. We finally trace the issue to a Certification setting. A change was made to local, third-party or both setting in default domain policy.

The obvious choice would be both. The default, when a local Certificate server is running, appears to have been local. Once changed to both, the problem (error message declaring XP domain client as not genuine) disappeared.

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You've only had this problem since 1 July 06?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Genuine windows license f ...

I've been seeing it ever since SP1 became available. When one Government Department that I used to do work for attempted to apply SP1 they got a message that the Volume License was Invalid and not genuine. The answer was to change the product keys on every computer in the department only 2,500 of them. But the Office XP Pro have never had a single problem with the original Product Keys only the Windows XP Pro version.

Then with the replacement Product Key for XP SP1 when SP2 came out we had to change them all again. On each occasion it took a long phone call to MS who acted like they where doing you a favour by issuing a replacement Product Key for Genuine MS Product and then when the Genuine Advantage came out we had to change them all again.

The last time I sent a bill to MS for wasted time in changing all those product keys I've never heard anything from MS again and so far we haven't needed to change Product Keys again.



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In several magazines...I've finally noticed publicacknowldgement of problem

by Beoweolf In reply to You've only had this prob ...

After all the trouble, I notice "belated" public acknowledgement, from that there was a problem with the program or its administration.

There were a lot of people bitten by this little fiasco.

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