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George W & GOP just spit in our face

By mindbump ·
There have been many recent discussions about the extreme stress we encounter to make our companies and selves rich. Along the way we forgot our families, health, churches, neighbors, friends, and partners.

What is our reward? Our so-called people-oriented employers contributed millions to get Bill Clinton's new OSHA regulations repealed. With only 10 hours of debate and no public discussion, Republicans used a never before tried loophole to repay their corporate donors with a $100 billion gift relieving them of responsibility for taking advantage of office workers and laborers across the country.

The new Emperor Bush has promised to sign this repeal as a direct payback to his business donors. Don't let this action go unchecked, thisis what you lose.

All your hard work that leads to common workplace injury (servers fall on people frequently), long-term injury such as repetitive stress syndromes (whose not at a keyboard all day), psychological problems from crunched schedules, and other typical injuries.

What most people don't know is that workman's comp does not pay for pain and suffering. It only pays for medical bills. This is how businesses got favorable legislation the last time around.

Well, what good does it do to be earning the maximum disability earnings of $500/week tax free? Is this anyhwere near your current salary or level of expenses. I doubt it. Face it. You just got dissed by your employer and government.

Why shouldn't we be protected from the injuries caused by the work we do to make others wealthy? Insuring our health and benefit is as legitimate a business expe as corporate jets, plush offices, limos, executives flying first class, company cars, and being treated like lords over fiefdoms of slaving techies..

I learned the hard way. I was injured on the job last Summer and it has caused me to go bankrupt (another set of laws business paid millions to take aw

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Action Steps

by mindbump In reply to George W & GOP just spit ...

I learned the hard way. I was injured on the job last Summer and it has caused me to go bankrupt (another set of laws business paid millions to take away from people who lose their jobs).

Now that our great Internet economy is popping it's bubblewe'll need these programs more than ever. If it's become a war of survival, I want to survive more than the well heeled shareholders of greedy banks, insurance companies and tech companies with no sense of respect for people management.

This is an open call to let Congress, the press, Emperor Bush, and our companies tknow hat if you want us working 15 hours a day for you then you better look out for us regardless of the cost. Otherwise we'll work 8 hours and you can go out of business with the last dollar of your greed.

We'll survive on our own. We have skills. And if we all end up injured, then we'll park our wheelchaies in your corporate lobbies as a reminder.

Don't let this direct action against your family's best interets go unanswered. If ever there was a time to show our strengths in numbers and pitch of voice it is now!

#1 Contact the President of your company and instruct them to call the Emperor Bush asking him not to sign the repeal and call any legislator in your state that voted for repeal that this is contrary to how companies should be managed.

2. Ask the President to release the donor donor list of companies and businesses that are getting a 5000% payback on their investment in his campaign.

****, it's one thing to get a library, it's another to sacrifice your workers. Let's face it we are workers. What are your options worth today?

3. Write letters to the editor of your local and major newspapers detailing how horrible this action is.4. Put a real scare in your company. Start forming a Union vote.

If we say nothing then we deserve nothing!

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Trouble Coming for you

by YankeeTom In reply to George W & GOP just spit ...

I fear you are in grave trouble. I have heard that George W. is going to repeal the "Comfort and Assistance for Chronic Whiners Act". This omnibus bill will include exclusions of pain and suffering from traumatic typing syndrome.

You are in luckhowever. The reversals of Clinton's record setting tax structure will put more of your check back into your pocket. When you are working those 15 hour days, at least the money is going to your family.

Footnote: Obviously this is a light natured reply, but your message sounded pretty lame. Let's keep the politics chat for other forums and stick to technology and organizational management.

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Politics does affect technology & jobs

by mindbump In reply to Trouble Coming for you

I like the Fairness in Whining Reduction law. That was good.

If I obfuscated the main point, I should have edited better.

My concern is that many of in technology professions (as users or doers) have a high rate injury for certain diseases. Testatistics show that our professions suffer high stress & mental disease probability as well repetitive ue syndrome and simple accidents like server racks tipping over on employees.

I would hate for there to be a double standard for workers of any sort. We should all be provided with equal access to protection. It's kind of a Constitutional thing that comes with workers' protection and shareholder profits.

Every law passed that affects the demand for labor or production and distribution of technology products is worthy of consideration.

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