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German court bars stealth PC searches -Wonder When This Will Happen Here!!!

By wayoutinva ·
German court bars stealth PC searches
Posted by xper on 05 Feb 2007 - 22:34 CET |

Police cannot secretly search suspects' computer hard drives over the Internet, a German court ruled Monday. The decision of the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe bars police from using software to search through remote hard drives unless parliament passes a law explicitly allowing the technique. Police, however, still will be allowed to seize evidence from PCs when conducting searches in person.

Arguing that stealth searches were indispensable to investigating criminals and terrorists, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, the country's top security official responsible for police, called on the government to seek swift changes in the law.

"It is indispensable for criminal investigators to be able to carry out online searches secretly and with a corresponding order from a judge," he said in a statement. The decision came in response to a request by the Federal Prosecutor's Office, which had sought to use Trojan horse programs to investigate a possible terrorist group. Prosecutors argued the legal reasoning used to allow telephone surveillance and other electronic eavesdropping techniques should be applicable to gathering evidence over the Internet.

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It makes perfect sense to me.

by TonytheTiger In reply to German court bars stealth ...

We're not allowed to secretly browse through business' or the government's computer hard drives.

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But, perhaps we should be.

by deepsand In reply to It makes perfect sense to ...

After all, they were bought with our tax dollars, and are used by those paid from same, supposedly for our benefit.

Our property, our employees - our right.

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