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German Virus or spam?

By yafchak ·
has anyone started to get flooded with german emails? I'm not sure if its spam or a Virus?

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by Synthetic In reply to German Virus or spam?

Since last week, I have received the only pieces of spam I have ever received at a particular email address. I have also begun receiving complaints from clients that they are also experiencing a lot of this spam. The largest amount of mailing seems to have picked up last Wednesday.

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Not Viral.

by Synthetic In reply to Yes??????

I can't believe it to be viral. My host is w2k SP4 with every critical patch MS has released. I'm behind a couple of Cisco firewalls, have high level filters in exchange, have no new processes running, the latest corporate NAV updates applied with defs dated yesterday. While there are some new variances of Mydoom, SDbot, Beagle, and Sober, none of the large AV manufactures have any listing concerning mass mailing in German.

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German Spam

by EMJ65 In reply to German Virus or spam?

This is what PC World has to say about it...seems it's a Sober Worm:,aid,120846,00.asp

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Good Call

by Synthetic In reply to German Spam

Here is another good story.,5744,15307337%255E29277,00.html

I have looked at a number of these sites, and then went through both manual translations, and translations using . They are all political. This presents some new and interesting directions for spam. Not that this hasn't been done before, just never to such a degree. This is just the beginning.

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Wienerschnitzel Spam

by BFilmFan In reply to German Virus or spam?

It appears that a number of people in Germany have had their email addreses harvested so the spammers can have a little fun.

I've been seeing it for about a week on my personal email accounts and this weekend the client started getting it too.

I am kinda upset that there were no offers of Kartoffelpuffer.

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by Synthetic In reply to Wienerschnitzel Spam

Is that like a Schei?e video? You dirty dirty man... LOL

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by BFilmFan In reply to Kartoffelpuffer?

They are potato pancakes.

I was craving Waffle House hashbrowns!

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So, it's confined to addresses harvested from users of German ISPs?

by deepsand In reply to Wienerschnitzel Spam

If so, that would explain why so many here, including myself and my clients, have not seen it.

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Oh yes.

by derek.shotwell In reply to German Virus or spam?

My staff has been receiving these all morning. Looks like a spoof going on, and right after that mess with the sober virus...sheesh.

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by Roger99a In reply to German Virus or spam?

Symantec has a write up and all the subject lines are included. I went through and blocked mine by subject lines.

My mail gateway at work reported 3208 emails sent in a 36 hour period. Most were undeliverable due to the recombining of addresses it uses, but still.

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