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By CuteElf ·
Oh...maybe, just, maybe.

I have an iron in the fire and actually sending in background check ppwk to a company for a job.

It's **** Desk in Landstuhl, Germany.

My questions are:
Any advice about moving overseas?
Get doctor care done here, go there?
Anyone been to Landstuhl?
Places to visit?
What about driving in Germany?
Can I take my puters with me and use a volt converter?

(forgot to post on original)
How the heck would I be able to negotiate a price? What exactly and where would I look for a civilian contractor overseas in Europe????

The gerbil in my head is running on crack atm. He's excited.


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Second Hand information

by JamesRL In reply to Germany

My Father in law was stationed in Germany and my wife spent most of her childhood there. My uncle was also stationed in Germany. Because we are Canadian, none of them lived in Landstuhl, but still some basics.

Get up to date on all your shots etc. You can get it done over there, but you will be getting acclimatised, so it will be less stressful to do it here.

You can take your puters and get a volt converter. But do you have a laptop or desktop - if you don't have a laptop, get one. You don't want to spend the money and risk shipping a big ole desktop.

Banking - check and see if the branch you deal with now has branches in or around Landstuhl. The big banks will, the smaller regional ones won't.

Places to visit - well the distances around Europe are not so vast, you can visit the whole continent. Can't miss Ocktoberfest in Munich, if you like beer and polka. Austria is scenic. Northern Italy isn't that far either.

Driving - depends on whether you need to. Most countries have some sort of International drivers license that will do for a while, but eventually you would have to get licensed in Germany, and they are very strict about licensing. Gas is very expensive. If you can get by on transit, and sightsee by plane or rail, you might be better off in the end. But of course, if you do get to drive there are no speed limits on the autobahn.

I am presuming your contractor is working for the USAF? Check and see what access you would have as a civilian contrator to base facilities.

Good luck.


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Voltage Frequency

by mjd420nova In reply to Second Hand information

The frequency of the 220-110 volt is the mahor concern for most, as I believe they use 50 cycles
where we use 60 cycle power. It might mess up some equipment and make it run hot, especially
any converters that use transformers. Some
devices may not keep proper time as they maybe
synced to the ac power frequency for a base
frequency ..Not to worry, you'll only lose 10
minutes for every hour. Some devices do have
a switch hidden somewhere to change that back
and forth. Japan has the same frequency 50 cycles.

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Depending on the vendor

by JamesRL In reply to Voltage Frequency

You can get low voltage transformers that will change the frequency for you.

For laptops it might be more expedient to get the power brick for the voltage/frequency as opposed to putting it on the transformer.


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Moving to Germany

by BFilmFan In reply to Germany

I can't verify all the information is current, but this is a good page on moving pets to Germany:

ExPats in Germany

US Diplomatic Mission to Germany:

US State Department Living Abroad Tips:

Sorry I missed your phone call hun, but I've been up to my eyeballs in some work-related issues. Please feel free to use me as a professional reference. You have my work email and phone numbers.

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I worked abroad for a while

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Germany

If it's for more than a month rent somewhere, you can get cheap hotels but the rooms are so small you are out every night to avoid the walls pressing in you. Alcohol is a good cure for that, but soon eats up any cost saving you were making living in a cupboard, not to mention eating out every night.
Get some medical insurance as well. I got hurt and had to pay to get sorted out, cash on the spot.
Try to sort out as much as you can in advance of getting there, if you find out you've been ripped off you can sort it out, but you will get ripped off if you are running around with three suit cases and a panic stricken expression on your face.
PS I did it for 18 months and I'd do it again, it was great.
Driving I'd think about generally the public transport systems in europe (discounting the dear old U Of K) are very good.

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health care

by john.a.wills In reply to Germany

Unless you have a high income you will be put in a sickness fund (Krankenkasse) automatically. There are private insurance schemes for high-income people but I found it more convenient to join a sickness fund voluntarily. Being in a sickness fund will give you access to almost every GP, from whom you can get transferred at need to a specialist.

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by CuteElf In reply to health care

Is that under the German govt?

I'd be working for an american company, contracting to the american govt bases.

I was thinking...Landstuhl, would be naval/air base, I'd have US doctor care there. Or am I way off base ?

Lol..Krankenkasse. Sick cash. I forgot how literal German is.


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by DMambo In reply to Germany

So what going on with this Elf? We're all dying to know.

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So Am I

by CuteElf In reply to Well?

Had the phone interview on Thursday AM.

I won't hear back until later next week.

Cross all your body parts for me!!


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I have more bits crossed than I have bits

by neilb@uk In reply to So Am I

to cross!

Good luck, Cute.

Neil :)

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