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Get all Products from Netsuite to Woocommere

By soumyarani0317 ·
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I need to fetch the product and details from Netsuite to Woocommerce. I am using PHP_Toolkit_2019_2 library. With this library files I have got all customer details from Netsuite to Woocommerce. Also I have sent the order details from Woocommerce to Netsuite.

But I am not able to get products from Netsuite. I have not find any get product file in Toolkit. So can anyone please help me how can I get all products from Netsuite to Woocommerce.
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Most likely.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Get all Products from Net ...

You'll have to put such work up for hire or fiverr or similar. The products you noted are payware and as such most free support sites can't work this out for you. In short, you deal with Oracle and Woo's own support (plus pay them.)

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Old school methods.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Get all Products from Net ...

I'm running into (new?) webmasters that don't know how such work may have been done in the past. One of our favorites when we need data moved from one system to the next is a two step process. You tailor such steps to fit the need.

In the system with the data you export what you want to a CSV file (google terms you don't know about.) Then in the system you want to receive the data then you import the CSV. If the systems don't have CSV as an option you list out what they do support and find if there is a common file/data format for both. If the file formats don't match then you are looking at a three step process of Export, Convert then Import.

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