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Get back my old data, How???

By khairi00000 ·
I was using Norton Ghost to clone one hard disk.I've accidently do it to my hard disk, so everything in my hard disk gone. is there any way i can get back my data??

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by wcp In reply to Get back my old data, How ...

Unfortunately, any overwritten portion will not be recovered.
If the other HD was clean other than data, that portion on your HD may be recoverable using special recovery software.
For example, the other HD is 20GB and the first 6GB is data and the rest are clean. Your HD is 20GB and the first 10GB is data. Your 4GB data may be recoverable because the 4GB might not have been overwritten. Because the File Allocation Table was completely overwritten, you have to use brute force (i.e. special recovery software) to recover any data. - Recovering a drive after writing over it with Ghost for free download to view that can be recovered. Before trying it, call them to find if the SW would be helpful in your situation.

This is one of those that you have to expect the worst and hope for the best. Good luck.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Get back my old data, How ...

If you are doing backups, do it to OFFLINE storage so accidents like this cannot occur.
Offline storage means external HDs, CDRs, DVD R's, ZIP etc
And use a good backup program.

I am afraid in this case, getting data back will be difficult and expensive...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Get back my old data, How ...

Well if the data is vital it can be recovered at a price. But it will mean the destruction of that HDD and a large slab of money to get it back.

You'll have to take/send the HDD to a specialized Data Recovery place who does work for Police Agencies so they can recover data from every layer of recordered information on the Drive.

They do this by totally dismantling the drive removing the platters and then they coat the platers with some stuff and after it has dried then proceed to read the data in each layer.

This really is a last alternative and you will be thinking in the several hundred K range for the data recovery.

If you have cloned a drive to your boot drive or data storage drive you could try Ontrack which is only a little over 1K$ for a licensed copy which may recover the previous MBR's and reconstruct the drive which is unlikely to be successful but worth a try or go with the above option. Of course if you can live without the data or your have a fairly recent backup I would just reload the computer and recover what you have backed up.

Chalk this one up to experience you are unlikely to ever do it again but at the very least you will now have worked out that you need a very good DR Plan which you will religiously follow.


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solution for data recovery

by manju In reply to Get back my old data, How ...

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best regards

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