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get files off of laptop that won't boot XP before wiping comp using restore

By ripcurler04 ·
Hey all-

I am somewhat literate/trying to learn as much about computers as possible. Here is a problem that I am having/would like to try to tackle.

My buddy has a laptop that gives the blue screen of death everytime it boots and then just restarts. I have troubleshot for a while and have not been able to figure out how to first get his files off of his computer before using the restore CD to just wipe it clean and restart. I know how to stop it from restarting and just boot the recovery CD etc...

What would be the best way to get in and do this? Running windows off of an external HD? Connecting another comp over USB or ethernet and get in that way? I have his PW and everything i really would just like to learn as much as possible about this. ANY solutions or references would be INCREDIBLY helpful.

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A couple of options

by CharlieSpencer In reply to get files off of laptop t ...

You could temporarily install the HD in another computer, boot off that computer's hard drive, and extract the files.

You could boot off a Linux bootable ('Live') DVD and extract the files.

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Personally I would use a Live Linux

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to get files off of laptop t ...

You can get one as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag at your Newsagent or download one from here

Set the unit to boot off the Optical Drive before the HDD save the changes and then allow it to boot off your preferred Linux and save the files to whatever you want. Can get a bit difficult if you want to burn then to the same Drive that the Boot Disc is in but it's possible depending on which one you use.

Live Linux runs off the Optical Disc and in Memory and has no effect on the contents of the HD at all unlike so many of the other alternatives.

Failing that you can remove the HDD from the computer fit it to a USB Lead like the one shown here

And copy the data off the HDD to your choice of Media.

Of course if the Data is Encrypted or the entire HDD is encrypted you are stuffed and you may be required to Take Ownership of the Files.


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Will give it a try tonight

by ripcurler04 In reply to get files off of laptop t ...

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions all. I will give Live Linux a shot tonight

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by ripcurler04 In reply to get files off of laptop t ...

Ya'll are awesome. worked like a charm!

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