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Get rid of Web bugs in your e-mail

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Tell us what you think about Mike Mullins' suggestions for eliminating Web bugs, as featured in the Nov. 6 Network Security e-newsletter. Is this information useful to you? Please rate this column from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

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Great article

by grant@rb In reply to Get rid of Web bugs in yo ...

It makes perfect sense that embedded HTML could be used to track the person who previews the email. I assumed that the preview pane kept me safer than actually opening spam, but I was obviously wrong. Thanks for the wakeup call.

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Most usefull

by bkmcse In reply to Get rid of Web bugs in yo ...

Great articles and please keep the good work going. We need more of it. Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback

by Mike Mullins In reply to Most usefull

I appreciate the comments. Rather than writing about abstract issues. I try to pick the problems that have a daily effect and can be readily addressed. If you have an issue you'd like addressed click on the link and send your suggestion.

Good Luck,

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Beware of the taskbar

by dynoroddy In reply to Get rid of Web bugs in yo ...

The registry patch works perfectly for the Outlook icon on the desktop, but not for any shortcuts in Programs|Startup or the taskbar.

Adding the /nopreview switch to these shortcuts solves the problem

Now all I have to do is find, log onto, and patch 60-odd PCs. Oh, the delights of supporting M$ products.

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